Chinese Ceramics Communications

Volumes 105-106

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Wang, Q.Z. Sun, Jing Gao, D.M. Liu, Xiang Cai Meng, Mu Qin Li

Abstract: Silk fibers were introduced into hydroxyapatite(HA)/chitosan(CS) matrix to prepare scaffold materials of bone tissue engineering with the...

Authors: Mu Qin Li, Jing Yan Wang, Chen Ma

Abstract: Chinese medicine Drynariae Rhizoma extract (DR) was introduced into porcine bone hydroxyapatite (PBHA) and chitosan (CS) for the preparation...

Authors: Chen Ma, Xiang Yu Zhang, Li Jie Qu, Mu Qin Li

Abstract: Calcium phosphate biocoatings were fabricated on the surface of magnesium alloy by micro-arc oxidation (MAO) technique. The properties of...

Authors: Guo Xin Tan, Cheng Yun Ning, Shu Jiang Zhang

Abstract: Nanobacteria is a tiny structure with size varying 80 to 500nm, commonly occurring in clusters and producing a biofilm which contains...

Authors: Hai Tao Wu, Hai Yan Shang, Li Tong Guo, Jian Feng Yang, Tian Wen Guo

Abstract: In the acidic oral environments containing fluoride ions, hydrofluoric acid (HF) would form and affect the color of Titanium porcelain...

Authors: Kui Long Lv, Hai Wen Yuan, Xiang Cai Meng, Xing Yi Li

Abstract: The aim of this study is to describe the remineralization effect of the nano-HA on artificial caries. The artificial dental caries are made...

Authors: Hua Wei Jiang, Hong Bing Du, Ting Yan Tian, Hong Wu

Abstract: Transparent ALON ceramics with the ultra-fine -ALON spinel powder were prepared by hot-pressing. The powder was prepared by carbothermal...

Authors: Cheng Gong Sun, Jin Ye Niu, Chong Hai Wang, Chang Ling Zhou, Bao Lin Feng, Jie Fan, Yan Yan Wang, Jian Shan Hao

Abstract: With AlN, Al2O3 and Al powders as starting materials, ALON powders were prepared by high temperature solid state reaction at 1650°C, 1750°C...

Authors: Hai Liang Zhang, Ming Fu Zhang, Jie Cai Han, Hai Yang, Cheng Hai Xu, Huai Xin Guo

Abstract: Sapphire crystals grown by an improved Kyropoulos-like method were irradiated by gamma rays and electrons in this paper. Thermoluminescence...

Authors: Ji Zhao Zou, Xie Rong Zeng, Ben Niu

Abstract: Carbon/Carbon composites were fabricated by microwave pyrolysis chemical vapor infiltration. The carbon fiber felts (the bulk density ~0.2...


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