Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering III

Volumes 1092-1093

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sheng Xian Wei, Fe Ne Hu, Hui Li

Abstract: The model of the water-mass-to-collector-area ratio (WMCAR) of a flat-plate solar water heating system has been built based on the energy...

Authors: Xin Ding, Dian Ru Wang, Ji Guang Zhou

Abstract: Based on the view that it’s not suitable for all areas to exploit shallow geothermal energy, this paper proposes in the large framwork of...

Authors: Ao Xue Chen, Zhao Chen, Chun Yu Ran, Chun Qing Wang

Abstract: This article introduces the working principle of the recovery fresh air heat pump units,and analyzes the applications system which units...

Authors: Yi Dan Li, Du Ting Wang, Hong Ming Kang, Hong Fang Ru

Abstract: The cascaded multilevel inverter may be the best topology to satisfy continuously increasing capacity and scale of grid-connected...

Authors: Li Jun Tan, Xu Ji, Ming Li, Cong Bin Leng, Yong Yan Zhao

Abstract: Using the series connected method, the space silicon solar cell are connected into the solar cell array. Based on the theoretical analysis,...

Authors: Jun Jie Zhang, Ling Hong Xu, Heng Min, Ling Yun Wang

Abstract: The imbalance in cold and heat load in large public buildings located in a cooling-dominated areas is apparent. To explore the effect of a...

Authors: Wen Bo Hao, Lei Lei Zhao, Bing Liang Xu, Cheng Zhi Sun, Zhi Gang Zhao, Cheng Rui Lei, Guo Rui Ren, Jie Wan, Yu Feng Guo

Abstract: As large scale integration of wind power generation into grid, the fluctuation of wind power must be stabilized with fast response...

Authors: Wei Zuo, Shun Kang

Abstract: The unsteady wake effect of upstream wind turbine on the aerodynamic performance of downstream wind turbine is investigated using CFD...

Authors: Xu Yan Fan, Peng Chen, Kai Guo Fan, Zhong Tang

Abstract: The high resolution offshore wind speeds retrieval from SAR image is of great signification in the field of offshore wind energy estimation....


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