AICAM 2005

Volumes 11-12

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiang Sun, Wei Min Yang, Xing Tian Wang, Qiang Yan, Jing Zhang

Abstract: This paper introduces the basic theory and significance to study injection molding defects. By virtue of the visualization experimental...

Authors: Bao Hua Wang, Qun Sheng Li, Ze Ting Zhang, Qiu Lian Chang

Abstract: The supercritical liquid technique has been studied in recent years, and the addition of a small amount of entrainer to supercritical...

Authors: Feng Xiang Li, Wei Min Yang, Yu Mei Ding

Abstract: A method for testing an air-spring was advanced in the beginning. Then ANSYS was utilized to simulate the static test. In the simulation,...

Authors: Yao Pi, Qun Sheng Li, Zuo Dong Liang, Hui Ying Liu

Abstract: Distillation column of special materials having high viscosity or containing solid particles, etc in chemical and petrochemical process is...

Authors: Peng Cheng Xie, Wei Min Yang, Yu Mei Ding, Gao Pin Yang, Jing Zhang

Abstract: The filling process of plastic precise gear is simulated by CAE software and the factors that influence injection molding accuracy in...

Authors: Jun Hao Wu, Yoshitaka Ikarashi, Shuji Fujii, Seiichi Kawahara, Yoshinobu Isono

Abstract: Loss tangent defined by the ratio of loss modulus to storage modulus, G”/G’, is widely used as a measure of energy loss for rubber...

Authors: Yoshinobu Isono, Y. Satoh, Shuji Fujii, Seiichi Kawahara, S. Kagami

Abstract: Uncured, filled rubbers show remarkable nonlinear viscoelasticity as well as cured, filled rubbers. The nonlinearity may come from change...

Authors: Shu Jun Liang, Jian Ping Deng, Lian Ying Liu, Wan Tai Yang

Abstract: A novel approach to functionalize polypropylene (PP) is presented. This method consists of two steps. Firstly, oligomers of glycidyl...

Authors: Yuan Xiao Wang, Xiu Fen Wang, Shi Wei Song

Abstract: A series of thermo-sensitive copolymers and interpenetrating network hydrogels were prepared using PNIPAAm and HEMA.The effects of the...

Authors: Hong Chi Zhao, Jian Ping Deng, Zhi Wei Liu, Peng Yang, Lian Ying Liu, Yu Feng Sun, Jian Wu Zhu, Wan Tai Yang

Abstract: Copolymerization of MAn and CHDDVE was conducted by using azobisisobutyronitrile (AIBN) or benzoyl peroxide (BPO) as the initiator, ethyl...


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