AICAM 2005

Volumes 11-12

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chao Guo, Yu Zuo, Jing Mao Zhao, Xu Hui Zhao, Jin Ping Xiong

Abstract: EIS is used in this paper to study the effects of anodic oxidation parameters on the film’s ability, and multi-layer equivalent circuits...

Authors: Sang Geun Lee, Hyung Sup Kim, Seong Soo Park, Byung Young Moon, Beom Soo Kang, Hee Chan Park

Abstract: Nanosized silica powders were synthesized via w/o emulsion method using sodium silicate as SiO2 source under ultrasonic process. The...

Authors: Yong Sheng Han, Y. Tarutani, Masayoshi Fuji, Minoru Takahashi

Abstract: The feasibility of bubble templating method to prepare hollow particles was tested in this paper by passing a bubble into a silica sol. The...

Authors: Gunawan Hadiko, Yong Sheng Han, Masayoshi Fuji, Minoru Takahashi

Abstract: Hollow calcium carbonate (CaCO3) particles were synthesized by bubbling CO2 in the solution of calcium chloride (CaCl2) with the presence...

Authors: C. Takai, Masayoshi Fuji, Minoru Takahashi

Abstract: The control of particle dispersion is essential to the fabrication of highly designed ceramics. In this study, a direct observation...

Authors: Yoshiaki Kinemuchi, Hirohide Ishiguro, Shoji Uchimura, Koji Watari

Abstract: Centrifugal sintering is a novel process for the preparation of thick films. In this process, high gravity such as 104g is applied at high...

Authors: Atsushi Makiya, Satoshi Tanaka, Zenji Kato, Nozomu Uchida, T. Kimura, Koichi Kitazawa, Keizo Uematsu

Abstract: This paper shows a very promising approach for developing the structure of grain orientation through weak magnetic interaction of ceramics...

Authors: S. Kawaguchi, K.C. Namiki, S. Ohshio, Junichi Nishino, H. Saitoh

Abstract: Magnesium oxide (MgO) films are utilized for the anti-plasma sputtering coating with excellent ability of secondary electron emission in...

Authors: Heng Hu Sun, Yu Li, Yong Hong Zhao, Ning Wang

Abstract: The amount of melted slag has substantially increased due to the rapidly expanding Chinese industry in the recent years. The exiting...

Authors: Jun Teng Liu, Zhong Qi Ren, Wei Dong Zhang, De Qiang Jiang, Jian Chun Zhang, Geng Wang

Abstract: Filtration medium is one of the most important parts of air-filtration. A Micro-filtration membrane made by expanded...


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