AICAM 2005

Volumes 11-12

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Fu Lin, X. Zhang, Hong Lin, Ning Wang, Jian Bao Li, Xiao Zhan Yang

Abstract: Mesoporous carbon with high surface area and ordered structure was synthesized via a nanocasting process using mesoprous MCM-41 silica as a...

Authors: Masaki Tanemura, R. Koyanagi, T. Nagumo, M. Kitazawa, Lei Miao, Sakae Tanemura

Abstract: Toward the tailored growth of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), CNT growth using hydrocarbon ion beams at the ion energy of 150 eV and the ion...

Authors: Ji Rui Song, Li Xiong Wen, Jian Feng Chen, Hao Min Ding

Abstract: Submicrosized porous hollow silica spheres with a diameter of 350 nm and a shell thickness of approximately 10 nm were synthesized by a...

Authors: Hong Mei Chai, Dong Lin Zhao, Zeng Min Shen

Abstract: The carbon nanotube/PMMA/PVAc composite film was prepared by solution casting. The carbon nanotube (CNT) and graphitized carbon nanotube...

Authors: Xiao Lai Liu, Dong Lin Zhao

Abstract: The microwave permittivity of multi-walled carbon nanotubes blended in paraffin wax has been studied in the frequency range from 2 to...

Authors: Xu Hui Peng, Yuan Le, Shu Guang Bian, Wo Yuan Li, Kuang Yang, Jian Feng Chen

Abstract: To prepare stable electrophoretic ink (E Ink) contains titanium dioxide particles, oil soluble red, dispersant and tetrachloroethylene...

Authors: Ki Wan Jang, Shun Ichiro Tanaka

Abstract: Nanoparticles of metastable copper nitride(Cu3N) have been successfully fabricated from Cu mask using Ar ion ‘transcription method’ which...

Authors: Shun Ichiro Tanaka, Chihiro Iwamoto

Abstract: Nanoscale singularity at the reactive wetting front on the 6H-SiC (0006) surface with amorphous oxide layer was studied using video...

Authors: Ying Qin, Peng Yuan Zhang, Jian Feng Chen

Abstract: This paper aims at a simple preparation method of nanocrystalline copper powders through copper sulfate reduction by potassium borohydride...

Authors: Tomokatsu Hayakawa, Masayuki Nogami

Abstract: By overcoming less excitation efficiency of rare-earth ions due to small oscillator strength (∼10-6) of f-f transition, Eu3+ ions were...


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