Advances in Abrasive Technology XIII

Volumes 126-128

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kazutaka Nonomura, Masashi Ono, Li Bo Zhou, Jun Shimizu, Hirotaka Ojima

Abstract: Recently in semiconductor industry, production of ever flatter, thinner and larger silicon wafers are required to fulfill the demands of...

Authors: Jaharah A. Ghani, Muhammad Rizal, Mohd Zaki Nuawi, Che Hassan Che Haron, Mariyam Jameelah Ghazali, Mohd Nizam Ab. Rahman

Abstract: This study presents a new method for detecting the cutting tool wear based on the measured cutting force signals using the regression model...

Authors: Hsi Hsun Tsai, Hui Ping Feng

Abstract: An in situ technique to determine the surface roughness of ultraprecision machining using optical characteristic effects is fundamental as...

Authors: Ming Chen, Xiao Hui Zhang, Bing Han, Bin Rong, Gang Liu

Abstract: The engineblock and cylinderhead of automobile are usually made of cast iron, and tapping of blind holes is one of the most demanding...

Authors: Chung Shin Chang

Abstract: To study the cutting forces and the carbide tip's surface temperatures of stainless steel (SUS 304) with a chamfered main cutting edge nose...

Authors: Ke Zhang, De Hong Zhao, Hua Guo, Bao Jia Hou, Yu Hou Wu

Abstract: Along with building decoration industry and stone industry development, special-shaped stone equipments develop to high speed and...

Authors: Yung Tien Liu, Neng Hsin Chiu, Yen Chun Lin, Chih Liang Lai, Yu Fu Lin, Hung Hsiang Chiu

Abstract: Micro ball-end milling process features the ability of machining complex surfaces, precision machining accuracy, and excellent machined...

Authors: Yi Xin Yang, Cheng Yong Wang, Zhe Qin, Lin Lin Xu, Yue Xian Song, Han Yuan Chen

Abstract: Drilling force and temperature of tibia at the high speed drilling for improving the design of surgical drills are very important. In this...

Authors: Shih Ming Wang, Han Jen Yu, Da Fan Chen

Abstract: Measurement method using telescoping ball-bar that can directly determine the volumetric errors of three main types of five-axis machine...

Authors: Ping Zou, Xu Lei Yang, Jin Zhong Xu, Wen Yuan Tian, Ming Hu

Abstract: It is necessary to develop drill point grinders in order to improve drilling quality and efficiency. In this paper, a new type of helical...


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