Advances in Abrasive Technology XIII

Volumes 126-128

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A.M.M. Sharif Ullah, Junichi Tamaki, Akihiko Kubo

Abstract: The main body of grinding knowledge comes from the experiments done by independent investigators. If such experimental results are not made...

Authors: Chao Ching Ho, Tzu Hsin Kuo, Tsung Ting Tsai

Abstract: The development of robust condition monitoring system for a machine tool spindle is an important task because the spindle has a significant...

Authors: T. Tachikawa, Kazuhito Ohashi, M. Tago, Shinya Tsukamoto

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to develop an in-process of measurement technique of surface roughness using thermoelectric effect in...

Authors: David Lee Butler

Abstract: Surface measurement using three-dimensional stylus instruments is a relatively new technique that offers numerous advantages over more...

Authors: Gui Jian Xiao, Yun Huang, Z. Huang, Li Na Si

Abstract: The roundness error is researched in the process of coordinate polishing crankshaft crankpin with abrasive belt by measuring online. A...

Authors: Teppei Onuki, Takashi Tokizaki, Hirotaka Ojima, Jun Shimizu, Li Bo Zhou

Abstract: Pattern size controllability of SPM-based nano-lithography especially in vertical direction was improved using in-situ height and depth...

Authors: Jun Zhang, Bo Liu, Min Qian, Xiang Long Zhu, Ren Ke Kang

Abstract: A Novel Piezoelectric Grinding Dynamometer for Monitoring Ultra-precision Grinding of Silicon Wafers

Authors: Ginsuke Kono, Takaharu Kuroda, Teruyoshi Daitoh, Kuniaki Maruoka

Abstract: Recently, the screens of TVs and computers are getting larger and larger. In accordance to that, surface plates of those, which are used...

Authors: Chia Liang Yen, Ming Chyuan Lu, Jau Liang Chen

Abstract: The Acoustic Emission signal was studied in this report for tool wear monitoring in micro milling. An experiment was conducted first...

Authors: Gunsei Kimoto, Takehiro Watanabe, Souta Matsusaka, Akio Inoue, Takaharu Kuroda

Abstract: We present a new type of wafer probe card with resin film consisting of two beams. Resin film is embedded on both sides of the probe beam,...


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