Advances in Abrasive Technology XIII

Volumes 126-128

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Suo Xian Yuan, Xue Long Wen, Ming Hu

Abstract: This paper presents a new type of two 2-DOF Parallel 2PRR institution, with the unique advantages such as simple motion modeling and easy...

Authors: Shun Tong Chen, Zong Han Jiang, Yi Ying Wu, Hong Ye Yang

Abstract: This study presents the development of a drilling technique for an innovative tabletop drilling machine that combines micro-EDM with...

Authors: Shi Chao Xiu, Shi Qiang Gao, Zhi Li Sun

Abstract: As the high speed bearings, hybrid journal bearings are usually used in high and super high speed grinding machine spindle system. Since the...

Authors: Taro Sumitomo, Li Bo Zhou, Han Huang

Abstract: Thin film solar cells are expected to play a key role in the next generation of photovoltaic devices, due to low costs and manufacturing...

Authors: Yunn Shiuan Liao, J.Y. Lin, Y.C. Chung, T.Y. Yang

Abstract: Microtechnologies have been vigorously developed recently. Micro products have been widely used in many fields, for instance, the sensors in...

Authors: G. Yin, Z. Yu, C. An, J. Li

Abstract: Micro electrical discharge machining (EDM) has the ability to drill micro holes with high accuracy in metallic materials. The aspect ratio...

Authors: Kazuya Demura, Satoru Hirose, Tohru Ihara

Abstract: This paper presents results of groove machining of potassium niobate nanosheets using an atomic force microscope (AFM). Groove machining...

Authors: Wataru Ohsone, Jun Shimizu, Li Bo Zhou, Hirotaka Ojima, Teppei Onuki, Takeyuki Yamamoto, Han Huang

Abstract: The MEMS technology for various nano/micro devices often requires special facilities and complicated and multistage processes, thus the...

Authors: Je Ee Ho, Chen Lung Yen

Abstract: In this study, a 2-D model with dimensionless analysis was proposed by discussing the roles of the active material properties in high energy...

Authors: Jin Xie, Y.X. Lu, Y.W. Zhuo

Abstract: A novel grinding approach of micro pyramid-structured surface is proposed by using a 60º V-tip of #600 diamond grinding wheel in CNC system....


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