Structural Analysis of Historic Constructions

Volumes 133-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Marek Sklodowski

Abstract: Compact Diagnostic Test (CoDiT) procedure allows one to test mechanical properties of historic materials in a minor destructive way using...

Authors: Luís F. Ramos, Ziba Sharafi

Abstract: One of the most well-known non-destructive methods for inspection and diagnosis in historical masonry walls is the flat-jack testing....

Authors: Hua Yong Wu, Daniele Zonta, Matteo Pozzi, Paolo Zanon, Michele Corrà

Abstract: An automatic diagnostic monitoring system can guarantee the safety and integrity of a historic building. In this paper, we describe the long...

Authors: Özlem Cizer, Koen Van Balen, Dionys Van Gemert

Abstract: A combined reaction of hydration and carbonation takes place in hydraulic lime and lime-pozzolana mortars. Hydration reactions are the first...

Authors: Laura Balboni, Paolo Corradini, Davide Del Curto, Luca Valisi

Abstract: The paper focuses on the structural analysis of monumental buildings, particularly upon the relationship between both instrumental...

Authors: Luca Fiorani, Luisa Caneve, Francesco Colao, Roberta Fantoni, Pilar Ortiz, María Auxiliadora Gómez, María Auxiliadora Vázquez

Abstract: Laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) is a powerful remote analysis tool that has been successfully applied to the real-time diagnosis of...

Authors: Davide Gulotta, Lucia Toniolo, Cristina Tedeschi, Luigia Binda

Abstract: Historic masonries of the cultural heritage are aged and heterogeneous systems which are subjected to long-term exposition to the external...

Authors: Jerzy Jasieńko, Tomasz Nowak, Łukasz Bednarz

Abstract: This paper presents investigations of the wooden ceiling in the Leopoldinum Auditorium at Wrocław University (Poland). The investigations...

Authors: Bohumil Kasal, Thomas Tannert

Abstract: Timber is an intriguing structural material and the only one that is truly renewable. Being biodegradable, hygroscopic and non-isotropic, it...

Authors: Luís F. Ramos, Murat Alaboz, Rafael Aguilar

Abstract: The paper is related to the San Torcato Church, in Guimarães, Portugal. At the moment, the church has significant structural problems due to...


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