Structural Analysis of Historic Constructions

Volumes 133-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Adil Ahmad, Khalid Moin

Abstract: Present study deals with the stability analysis of an existing historical monument “Safdarjung Tomb” under Seismic Load. The tomb is...

Authors: Mehrdad Hejazi, Farshad Jafari

Abstract: One of the most important, valuable and remarkable elments of Persian architecture is brick masonry arch. Structural behaviour of Persian...

Authors: Sung Gul Hong, Woo Young Lim

Abstract: This paper investigates feasibility of reinforcement method for fractured granite of slab type and beam members used as components of old...

Authors: Cristiano Algeri, Elena Poverello, Giovanni Plizzari, Ezio Giuriani

Abstract: The proposed paper reports the results of a research on the behaviour of injected anchors in historical masonry. The purpose of this...

Authors: Pierre Smars

Abstract: To quantify the safety of masonry arches and vaults using limit-analysis, various types of safety factors have been devised. The most...

Authors: Carmelo Gentile, Antonella Saisi

Abstract: The paper presents and discusses the procedure developed for the calibration of the struc¬tural FE model of a Bell-Tower, within a wide...

Authors: Ioannis N. Doudoumis

Abstract: Composite timber-masonry walls have been used in many old traditional and preservable buildings that constitute a significant part of the...

Authors: Ivo Caliò, Francesco Cannizzaro, Massimo Marletta

Abstract: The assessment of the seismic response of historical masonry buildings represents a subject of considerable importance but, at the same...

Authors: Stefano Podestà, Sonia Parodi

Abstract: The knowledge of historical buildings represents the necessary condition for obtaining a reliable evaluation (even if simplified) of their...

Authors: Rosalba Ferrari, Mattia Facheris, Egidio Rizzi

Abstract: The Paderno d’Adda Bridge is a marvellous riveted iron viaduct with a doubly-built-in parabolic arch that crosses the river Adda near...


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