Structural Analysis of Historic Constructions

Volumes 133-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Egidio Rizzi, Giuseppe Cocchetti, Giada Colasante, Fabio Rusconi

Abstract: In this paper, an analytical and numerical analysis on the collapse mode of circular masonry arches is presented. Specific reference is made...

Authors: Alberto Grimoldi

Abstract: To verify the conditions and the possible use of the historical buildings, it is fundamental to individuate structural patterns really near...

Authors: Damir Lazarević, Josip Atalić, Joško Krolo, Mario Uroš, Marta Šavor

Abstract: Several historical constructions in Croatia have permanent column problems, particularly at connections with capitals and bases,...

Authors: Elisa Adorni, Carlo Blasi

Abstract: Diagnostic analysis, required to characterize materials and mechanical parameters of ancient masonry, needs a systematic collection and a...

Authors: Henry Eduardo Torres Peceros

Abstract: The Bell Tower of the Basilica de la Merced de Lima is a monument with its own personality in itself, was built by master masonry Alonso de...

Authors: Alvaro Quinonez, Jennifer Zessin, Aissata Nutzel, John Ochsendorf

Abstract: Experiments may be used to verify numerical and analytical results, but large-scale model testing is associated with high costs and lengthy...

Authors: Mahesh Varma, R.S. Jangid, Siddhartha Ghosh

Abstract: Failure of masonry structures are generally studied in terms of the formation of unstable mechanisms and the thrust line approach is...

Authors: Silvia Dandria, Juri Badalini, Daniela Penazzi

Abstract: The study compares ancient composite beams, located in northen Italy, with the models drawn in Treatises from XVI century to XIX century in...

Authors: Y.S. Park, J.Y. Kim, S.I. Hong, D.M. Kim, Sung Jin Jung, H.S. Kim

Abstract: We have many difficulties in the modeling and analysis of masonry stone pagoda structure because this structure has the discontinuum...

Authors: Giulia Bettiol, Maria Rosa Valluzzi, E. Garbin, C. Menichelli, A. Lionello, Claudio Modena

Abstract: In this paper, the preliminary study of intervention on puddle iron and cast iron Hydraulic crane, situated in the “Arsenale” of Venice is...


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