Structural Analysis of Historic Constructions

Volumes 133-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Alessio Pipinato, Carlo Pellegrino, Claudio Modena

Abstract: In this paper different studies on the structural analysis, the fatigue assessment and the damage evaluation of metal bridges are reported....

Authors: M. Pizzolato, M. Monti, P. Pigozzi, A. Tralli

Abstract: The “3 Ponti of Comacchio” represents one of the most important architectural monuments in the Province of Ferrara and surely the most...

Authors: A. Marzo, Maria Rosaria Grippa, Beatrice Faggiano, Federico M. Mazzolani

Abstract: In this paper a full scale monotonic static bending test on a composite timber-steel-concrete floor, equipped with innovative “collar”...

Authors: Maria Rosaria Grippa, A. Marzo, Beatrice Faggiano, Federico M. Mazzolani

Abstract: The paper deals with the study of the ancient timber structures of the Royal Palace of Naples. The attention is focused on the complex...

Authors: Armande Hellebois, David De Wolf, Michel Provost

Abstract: The function of the underground ice storage, Glacières Royales, was to efficiently conserve ice during all seasons. It consists of a large...

Authors: Umut Almaç

Abstract: The Church of Pantokrator (Zeyrek Mosque) is a Byzantine located in the Zeyrek district of Istanbul which was included in the World Heritage...

Authors: F. Lorenzoni, Maria Rosa Valluzzi, Claudio Modena, Elena Simonato, F. Casarin, A. Lionello

Abstract: The paper presents the case study of the “Basilica dei Frari” in Venice for which a non linear numerical analysis has been recently...

Authors: Aykut Erkal, Debra Laefer, Paul Fanning, Eser Durukal, Ufuk Hancilar, Yavuz Kaya

Abstract: Increasingly historic masonry buildings are subjected to higher levels of traffic and rail vibrations due to urbanization and population...

Authors: A. Koçak, Z. Kilit

Abstract: Protection and restoration of historical structure has a big importance to transfer past from future. It is necessary to protect all...

Authors: Fernando Peña, Miguel Meza

Abstract: The seismic assessment of bell towers of churches built during the colonial period in Mexico is studied. Two representative typologies of...


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