Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cui Yong Tang, Zhi Yu Xiao, Jin Chen, Chao Jie Li, Tung Wai Leo Ngai

Abstract: In order to develop high density powder metallurgy forming technology, a new concept combining high velocity compaction and warm compaction...

Authors: Qi Qian Liu, Wen Zhi Fu, Ming Zhe Li, Zhi Hong Chen, Xue Peng Gong

Abstract: Based on the finite element theory of dynamic explicit, the technology of multi-point forming was applied to tube forming. The process of...

Authors: Wei Ke An, An Hui Cai, Yun Luo, Tie Lin Li, Xiao Song Li

Abstract: The glass forming ability, thermal stability and non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of Zr64Al10.1Cu11.7Ni14.2 glass forming alloy were...

Authors: An Hui Cai, Wei Ke An, Yun Luo, Tie Lin Li, Xiao Song Li

Abstract: The ribbon samples for Cu60Zr30Ti10 (at. %) with a thickness of 50 μm and a width of 13 μm were prepared by melt spinning at the wheel speed...

Authors: Shan Tian, Yu Li Liu, Gang Yao Zhao, He Yang

Abstract: The rotary-draw bending process of thin-walled rectangular tube is a complex process with large deformation, large displacement and finite...

Authors: Qing Song Yan, Huan Yu, Zhi Feng Xu, Bo Wen Xiong, Chang Chun Cai

Abstract: During filling process of vacuum counter-pressure casting, the pressurizing velocity is one of the most important parameters, and it affects...

Authors: Xing Wang Duan, Xiu Zhi Zhang, Xin Peng Wei, Jian Sheng Liu, Wen Wu He, Ji Hong Tian

Abstract: In this paper, the hot forging behavior of Mn18Cr18N steel is studied based on the viewpoint of meso-damage. According to high temperature...

Authors: Wen Wu He, Jian Sheng Liu, Hui Qin Chen, Hui Guang Guo

Abstract: Hot-compression experiments of 316LN stainless steel have been conducted on a Gleeble-1500D thermal-mechanical simulator. We have analyzed...

Authors: Lian Fa Yang, Liang Yi, Xian Chang Mao, Guo Chen

Abstract: Magnesium alloy sheets have poor formability at room temperature, and the hydraulic forming may be a choice to improve its formability....

Authors: Qing Zhou Sun, Rong Fu Xu, Zhong Kui Zhao, Pu Qing Zhang, Wei Liu

Abstract: The technological adaptability of the reclaimed sand applied in the chemical bonded sand was studied in this paper. The reclaimed sand can...


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