Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Hui Niu, Ping Zhu, Yong Jin Guo

Abstract: The influence of forming condition on crash performance of thin-walled structures is investigated, in which high strength low alloy steel...

Authors: Guo Fa Mi, Li Lin Chen, Hong Yan Nan

Abstract: The V-method foundry is an advanced casting technology compared with traditional sand casting. The Pro/E software was used to generate...

Authors: Bo Lin He, Jing Liu

Abstract: Comparing with traditional welding technology, there are many advantages of magnesium laser welding, for example, high welding speed, low...

Authors: Zhong Zhao, Chun Li Jia, Xian Lei Hu, Guo Dong Wang, Zhen Hua Zhu

Abstract: According to the characteristic of plate rolling process and the on-line applications, the non-homogeneous wear and thermal expansion of...

Authors: Hong Lei Sun, Jing Yin, Rui Ma

Abstract: The track template is a crucial part of the high-speed railway’s track constructing, and the manufacture experiences are still lacked in...

Authors: Yan Qiu Zhang, Shu Yong Jiang, Yu Feng Zheng

Abstract: The spring steel strip 50CrVA which is cold rolled was applied to manufacture the diaphragm of the automotive horn by means of sheet metal...

Authors: Ghulam Hussain, Nasir Hayat, Lin Gao

Abstract: Single point incremental forming (SPIF) is a novel sheet metal forming process. Owing to unique deformation mechanism, this process improves...

Authors: Jie Zhong, Chen Guo, Peng Yue, Chun Liang Long

Abstract: Thermal deformation flow stress equation of 1Cr12Ni3Mo2VNbN in the temperature range of 980 °C~1180 °C is established by means of hot...

Authors: Xin Bin Hu, Xiao Ping Zhou

Abstract: Effects of steel coatings on weldability in resistance spot welding of galvannealed steel sheets were investigated. The steels with...

Authors: Wei Chi Pei, Ju Han, Yao Gang Li

Abstract: The service life of open-die cold extrusion is the most important factor in economic efficiency. To prolong its service life, the design of...


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