Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Fan, Xin Liu, Wei Dong Wang

Abstract: The direct metal forming remanufacture system based on the arc welding and the reverse engineering technique is researched. A broken parts...

Authors: Xiao Wei Wang, Jian Feng Li, Jian Zhi Li, Rui Jun Zhang

Abstract: Because of the simplification for scenario choices and few reflections of space-time characters, product designers or police makers can’t...

Authors: Bao Lu Wang, Lin Zhang, Yong Liang Luo, Qi Cheng Zhang, Hua Guo

Abstract: In view of the characteristics and difficulties of service composition, taking particularities of enterprise product design and manufacture...

Authors: Hua Guo, Lin Zhang, Fei Tao, Lei Ren, Yong Liang Luo

Abstract: In order to overcome the bottlenecks of traditional network manufacturing, a new service-oriented networked manufacturing model, i.e. the...

Authors: Qi Cheng Zhang, Lin Zhang, Yong Liang Luo, Bao Lu Wang

Abstract: Experience accumulation and reuse are very important for manufacturing of complex product. However, there is no mechanism to support such...

Authors: Bao Quan Shi, Jin Liang, Qing Liu, Zhen Zhong Xiao, Xiao Qiang Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents a new data reduction algorithm to reduce redundant in rang image or three dimension point cloud. Firstly, an automatic...

Authors: Ji Hong Zhu, Wei Hong Zhang, Xiao Jun Gu

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to avoid the crack problem of the ceramic shell during the burnout procedure of the rapid investment casting...

Authors: Zheng Xiao, Quan Liu, Qing Song Ai

Abstract: This paper summarized the popular methods for acquiring customer requirement (CR) information, where the internet-based method is especially...

Authors: Yan Li He, Wei Ping He, Wei Zhang

Abstract: Collaborative manufacturing is gaining more and more popularity in the dynamic and global market environment, as raises the requirement of a...

Authors: Chun Gen Shen, Gui Cheng Wang, Shu Lin Wang, Gang Liu

Abstract: In this research, we computationally analyzed the structural modes of an HSK63E type tool system and verified the results with experimental...


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