Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Shun Yang, Yan Li, Yong Liu, Xin Qin Gao

Abstract: 6σ has proved numerous times that it can help any business to deliver products to meet or even exceed customer expectations. DMAIC (Define –...

Authors: Li Yu, Yun Chen

Abstract: Product configuration design is a knowledge intensive process during product development. It is a critical step as the cost and quality of a...

Authors: Yan Feng Xing, Yan Song Wang, Xiao Yu Zhao

Abstract: Dimensional tolerance is an important factor for the geometry quality of products. The stiffness matrices of sheet metal components are...

Authors: Da Bin Ren, Xian Kun Wang, Jiao Lei, Jiu Mei Xiao

Abstract: Based on virtual prototyping technology (VPT) and software engineering principles, and combining with the characteristics of steam jet pump,...

Authors: Zhan Hui Shu, Hong Jun Wang, Qiu Shi Han, Ting Dong

Abstract: With the production system of modern manufactures complexity increasing, it is very difficult to establish a practical model to satisfy the...

Authors: Hong Jun Wang, Ting Dong, Jing Zhang, Hai Yan Wang

Abstract: With the development of scientific and technology, the automotive industries competition is becoming more and tougher. The camshaft...

Authors: Liu Ru Zhou

Abstract: According to sine law, a vertical wall square box can’t be formed by NC incremental sheet metal forming process in a single process, rather,...

Authors: Liu Ru Zhou

Abstract: The incremental sheet metal forming technology is a flexible forming technology without dedicated forming dies. The locus of the forming...

Authors: Wei Wang, Liang Chen

Abstract: The security of BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) based manufacturing service workflow management system is researched in this...

Authors: Tao Xi, Jian Jun Li, Li Jing Wang, Ming Hua Shi

Abstract: The accuracy and efficiency of case retrieval decline with individuality and diversity of customer needs in current product configuration...


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