Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ning Ning Qin, Dong Li, Fan Xu, Bao Guo Xu

Abstract: An embedded greenhouse monitoring & control system based on wireless sensor networks(WSN) was presented, in order to solve problems in...

Authors: Hong Lu, Li Yong Tan, Bo Lei, Li Sha Jian, Yang Wang, Fu Dan Du, Qian He

Abstract: After analysis of the TOSHIBA Corporation's Linear CCD TCD1501D drive timing, making full use of the relationship between this chip 6 phase...

Authors: Xiao Hu Zheng, Feng Gu

Abstract: An analytical model of an eddy current sensor designed for noncontact distance measurement is presented. The device consists of two planar...

Authors: Shi Liang Nie, Tokio Sugi, Bin Liao

Abstract: The pattern of using the household billing to promote heating energy savings has become a focus discussion in the current national energy...

Authors: Yun Dian Zhang, Bing Zhang

Abstract: Cylinder with multiple diagonal slits is one of the core parts of longitudinal-torsional resonance ultrasonic device. Its structure was more...

Authors: Hua Chao Zhang, Xiao Dong Zhang, Guang Zhong Cao

Abstract: With the development of underground rail, the problem that vehicle vibration affects the vehicle’s life-span and harms the health of the...

Authors: Hong Yuan Wen

Abstract: In order to realize the DSP Video Image Processing System works well in the highlight environment, the system control software is designed....

Authors: Cheng Gang Li, You Peng You, Jing Jing You

Abstract: The undamping differential vibration equation of a six-axis accelerometer was derived based on the Lagrange equation. The theory of matrix...

Authors: Ai Lun Wang, Bo Hai Sun, Jin Bo Chen

Abstract: Vibration localization of bladed disk turns to be much complex when a number of blades are assembled into periodic groups. This work focused...

Authors: Cheng Jin, Ying Ba, Min Lin, Bao Ke Guo

Abstract: Asymmetric dynamic propagation of mode III: crack under variable moving loads on the crack surface is investigated using the theory of...


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