Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Wang, Rui Qing Jia, Hong Xiu Zhu

Abstract: A novel system based on the technology of Modularization Heterogeneous Multi-robot System(MHMRS)is advanced to meet the needs of the coal...

Authors: Yong Zeng, Jun Gong

Abstract: We attempt to resolve the spraying trajectory planning efficiency and the thickness uniformity problems for big curvature conical surface in...

Authors: Hong Juan Wang, Shi Min Zhang, Peng Zhang, Li Yun Shi

Abstract: Oil and gas pipelines must be cleaned regularly to ensure their normal operation. It is significant to track the pig when it’s working in...

Authors: Xin Li, Chun Liang Zhang, Li Jun Li, Zhi Hu

Abstract: Forestry industry is an important part of nation's economy. In this paper, a machine vision system is presented as a key module of Camellia...

Authors: Hui Ping Shen, Lei Ding, Chang Yu Xue, Ju Li, Jia Ming Deng, Shan Shu Liu

Abstract: A novel robot, derived from a planar parallel mechanism, is presented. With two sliders driving on the same side of parallel guide rails,...

Authors: Yuan Lai Zhou, Wen He, Run Jie Shen, Min Liu

Abstract: Considering the requirement of the multi-parameter-combined environment testing device, a kind of multi-parameter measure and control system...

Authors: Gui Xiong Liu, Yi Wei Huang, Xiao Bin Hong

Abstract: Aiming at mastering WNS monitoring status, controlling node devices in wireless sensor network, a WSN location monitoring terminal system is...

Authors: Jun Zhang, Bing Bing Chen, Xiang Jun Zou

Abstract: An approach of implementing CANopen real-time distributed control network was proposed in this paper. To build the network, CanFestival open...

Authors: Liang Chen, Rafael Wisniewski

Abstract: The supermarket refrigeration system typically has a distributed control structure, which simple and flexible, however, neglects...

Authors: Mei Ling Si, Hong Xin Li, Xiao Fei Chen, Guang Hui Wang

Abstract: Fixing the sample rate is very significant for a networked control system (NCS), and there is no a directive way to make it. In the paper, a...


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