Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Hua Lu, Xian Min Zhang, Yan Bin Fan

Abstract: Micro-displacement measurement with high accuracy plays a vital role in micro/nano manufacturing technology. In this paper, three low-cost...

Authors: Xiao Hui Liu, Kai Yong Jiang, Jun Yi Lin

Abstract: A New Stereo Matching Method Based Phase Dynamic Programming (PDP) is presented in this paper. This method, based on gray code value and...

Authors: Xue Song Chen, Cheng Wang, Xue Jun Xu, Hong Bo Zhu, Shao Hua Jiang

Abstract: A good feature extraction method can improve the performance of pattern recognition system or classification system. Using potential energy...

Authors: Xiao Lan Fan, Na Deng

Abstract: As a tool of complex shape, the manufacturing error of hobs can be classed into three kinds: the datum level error, the tooth thickness...

Authors: Zhao Yu Li, Xiang Dong Gao, Xing Huan Zhu, Jian Wen Lin

Abstract: Detecting the weld position is the precondition of seam tracking during an arc welding process, and is crucial to achieve high-quality...

Authors: Hai Qing Du, Ya Zhang

Abstract: Improved Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) is an internationally accepted standards system. It is the foundation of the technology...

Authors: Shu Yi Wang, Jie Tan, Xun Chao Yin, Hui Fang Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a surgical blade inspecting system is designed and researched, which can automatic test and determine eligibility according...

Authors: Guang Han, Miao Zhang, Ying Chun Zhong, Li Xing Wei

Abstract: The traditional method of wire detection is implemented artificially, and that is heavy-worked, inefficient and low-accurate. This paper...

Authors: Hu Zhou, Jian Guo Yang

Abstract: Image measurement based on machine vision is a promising method for the precise measurements of machine parts. As for a large sized...

Authors: Chun Yu He, Zhi Jie Jiao, Di Wu

Abstract: In plate rolling, the existence of some asymmetry rolling conditions, affects the distribution of transversal thickness of rolling pieces,...


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