Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jiu Fang Duan, Jian Zhang Li

Abstract: A water absorbent wood hydrogel was prepared with the wood and acrylamide using glutaraldehyde as crosslinker. The structure of wood-based...

Authors: Zhao Yong Hu, Han Wu He, Yu Tao Duan

Abstract: Programmable logic controller (abbr. PLC) is essential for automation in modern industry. In many colleges, it is also an important course...

Authors: Chang Qi Deng, Bin Li

Abstract: In the machine manufacturing industry, CNC machine tools possess many advantages and have gradually become the leading machine tools to...

Authors: Zhen Qiang Huang, Wen Li Zhao, Zhi Gang Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a new nonlinear amplification principle based on chaotic theory is proposed. Firstly, according to the basic properties of...

Authors: Shu Mei Chen, Wei Zhang

Abstract: To satisfy the performance test of the high power hydraulic pump, a test-bed is developed in this paper. The parameters, the sign of the...

Authors: Xue Yong Tian, Tian Qing Chang, Shao Hua Shi, Lei Zhang, Yang Han

Abstract: Because of the poor reconfigurability of the existing test resource models and the faultiness of the intelligent modeling methods in...

Authors: Bao Quan Shi, Jin Liang, Qing Liu, Xiao Qiang Zhang, Zhen Zhong Xiao

Abstract: To solve the problem of deformation measurement for spatial complex tubular joints, a non-contact three-dimension optical method is...

Authors: Jiang Hong Gan, Li Ping Zhou, Liang Zhou Chen, Long Xu

Abstract: This paper aimed to use a novel optic interferometric fringe projection to measure the three-dimensional shape of small object with high...

Authors: Bing Fang, Run Jie Shen, Ji Feng Guo, Wen He, Ming Ma

Abstract: This paper aims to simulate the sound field of rectangular small enclosure excited by panel loudspeaker with FEM. Firstly, in order to...

Authors: Zhong Wei Liang, Chun Liang Zhang, Yi Jun Wang, Zhong Min Xiao

Abstract: For accurate inspecting the micro-topography defects of IC chip, characteristic recognizing method of topography defects based on image...


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