Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kazuyoshi Tateyama, Nobuo Omae

Abstract: Various information and communication technologies have been introduced to conventional construction methodologies to make them more...

Authors: Zuo Chao Rong, Wen He, Run Jie Shen

Abstract: In the centrifuge of the multi-parameter combined environmental testing device, the three-phase induction motor could not be started...

Authors: Yong Ren, Tao Yang, Wei Gao, Yang Hai Li

Abstract: The model of speed control system plays an important role in power system stability studies, the non-linear properties prevent us from...

Authors: Dian Ting Liu, De Jian Zhou, Yao Ming Liu

Abstract: A kind of multi-input and multi-output network control system with multiple independent control loops is examined in this paper. The...

Authors: Jia Zheng Lu, Li Yang, Hong Xian Zhang, Zhen Fang, Bo Li

Abstract: Considering that conventional AC de-icing method has many shortcomings such as complicated braking operation and difficult arrangement for...

Authors: Chun Zhao, Jia Zheng Lu, Zheng Long Jiang, Zhen Fang, Bo Li

Abstract: Limiting the short-circuit current effectively is of great importance to keep the safe and steady running of the power system. A novel fault...

Authors: Wei Fen Chiu, Yuan Tong Gu, M. Azharul Karim, Lin Ma

Abstract: Masks are widely used in different industries, for example, traditional metal industry, hospitals or semiconductor industry. Quality is a...

Authors: Qian Qian Shen, Zong Hai Sun

Abstract: Gaussian Process (GP) is a new learning method on nonlinear system modeling. The most common way of model training is conjugate gradient...

Authors: Cheng Xue, Yu Shi, Ding Fan, Hao Zhong, Ming Xiao Shi

Abstract: Dual-bypass MIG welding (DB-GMAW) is a new kind of high speed MIG welding with three arcs. In order to monitor the weld process and control...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Xiu Min Yang, Tao Wei, Ying Di Shi

Abstract: On the foundation of the analysis of the working mechanism of the GL160C continuously variable transmission (CVT), the mathematical model of...


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