Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiu Xia Sun, Jian Li Zhao, Qi Sheng Gao

Abstract: In this paper the average run length is adopted as the tool to describe the performance of control charts. The respective methods for...

Authors: Bi Wen Li, Jin Feng Xiao, Chun Liang Zhang, Liang Bin Hu

Abstract: Relative to gear shaping and gear hob, using gear slotting produces herringbone gear which is used in nuclear power turbine speed redactor...

Authors: Xiao Gen Nie, Yan Bing Liu

Abstract: Based on the analysis of the disadvantages of shoe last making with 3-axis shoe last NC machine, this paper presents a novel solution for...

Authors: Xiang Ming Zheng, Jie Hu

Abstract: Assembly performance test bed is an indispensable equipment in the development and production of air compressor assembly. The test bed...

Authors: De Feng Xie, Hui Wang, Xiu Li Fu, Chun Lei Liu

Abstract: Implicit cost (PONC) which was produced by nonconformance in manufacturing process bring a large number of loss to the enterprise. For the...

Authors: Bao Quan Liu, Zi Dong Wang, Hong Zhang, Jun Sheng Wang, Yan Zhang

Abstract: The Screw Down System (SDS) is a typical hydraulic servo control system. It is the key actuator of cold rolling mill. The dynamic...

Authors: Peng Fei Wang, Dian Hua Zhang, Xu Li, Jia Wei Liu

Abstract: In order to improve the flatness of cold rolled strips, strategies of closed loop feedback flatness control and rolling force feed forward...

Authors: Jin Chun Song, Yi Ming Li

Abstract: Turret feeding servo system is the connecting link of a servo motor and a linear motion unit. Studying the static performance and the...

Authors: Jun Xiao, Bing Liu, Yun Xiao He

Abstract: This paper describes a configuration method of kiln outlet production line in which a new integrated control system PCS7 of Siemens is used....

Authors: Yong Lin Min, Xiao Yang Chen, Chi Chen, Chuan Ping Hu

Abstract: Ordinarily, water fire monitor extinguishing systems are applied to protect large space places from fire. To intellectualize them and...


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