Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zi Qing Ye, Xiao Yi Yu

Abstract: Combustion of power fuel in a large thermal power plant produces a great deal of harmful flue gas, which endangers personal safety of...

Authors: Han Bing Yan, Hui Ju

Abstract: For the purpose of inspecting workpieces or equipments under severe environment, remote ultrasonic testing is of great significance to...

Authors: Yan Rong Li, Zong Wei Niu, Xiao Peng Sun

Abstract: In stamping production the traditional manual feeding and pick-up manner can lead to potential safety problem. The automatic feeding and...

Authors: Ming Liang Wu, Li Li Wei, Jian Kang Huang, Ming Yong Wu

Abstract: Medium and Small boilers, which are widely used, are common power equipments in power plants, Smelters, and chemical plants, and important...

Authors: Yan Zhang, Fu Qun Shao, Jun Sheng Wang, Bao Quan Liu

Abstract: Automatic Tension Control (ATC) system is important for the cold tandem mill rolling of steel. Controller parameters must be adjusted...

Authors: Cheng Wang, Bing Yi Li

Abstract: Aiming at the shortcoming of the integral accumulation in the process of CVT ratio adjusting control, which is caused by the general PID...

Authors: Bin Yang, Bin Xiong

Abstract: This paper explains and demonstrates how to design an anti-sway controller of overhead crane for eliminating pendulum of hook-headed. In...

Authors: Sheng Zhu, Yuan Yuan Liang, Qi Wei Wang

Abstract: GMAW welding remanufacturing is the process to form part layer by layer, that it is typical nonlinear transient heat conduction. During...

Authors: Fu Zhou Zhao, Rong Liang, Xiao Ping Chen

Abstract: This paper analyzes the principle of hybrid turbocharging system in a vehicle diesel engine, and proposes motor control model about hybrid...

Authors: Tian Pei Zhou, Wen Fang Huang

Abstract: In the process of recycling chemical product in coking object, ammonia and tar were indispensable both metallurgy and agriculture, so the...


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