Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Wei Liang, Chun Liang Zhang, Yi Jun Wang, Yi Dan Hu

Abstract: In accurate optical inspection of IC chip, it is necessary to recognize and calibrate the IC micro-topography completely and accurately....

Authors: Ying Ping Qian, Xiao Wei Zhang, Xi Zhi Zhou, Hai Ou Zhang

Abstract: Crack is the common drawback in deposition manufacturing process with high energy beam, which usually leads to the manufacturing process...

Authors: Xiao Ke Zhu, Fan Zhang, Rui Li, Yan Bin Cui

Abstract: In order to improve the classification rate of gait recognition, a new gait recognition algorithm is proposed. Firstly, the gait images are...

Authors: Liang Zhou Chen, Dan Qu, Li Ping Zhou, Jiang Hong Gan

Abstract: A new method of actualizing grating non-diffracting structured light (GNSL) is proposed. The GNSL holds characters of long focal-depth,...

Authors: De Xi Wang, Qin Li, Fu Bao Li, Zong Ke Li

Abstract: A research on measurement method of space position in three-dimensional field was demonstrated in this paper. According to the basic methods...

Authors: Dao De Zhang, Xin Yu Hu, Yu Rong Pan, Guang You Yang

Abstract: To segment the pebrine from the background effectively, this paper focuses on the research of image segmentation technology on the basis of...

Authors: Jin Qing Liu, Qun Zhen Fan, Dong Cao

Abstract: With the safety awareness strengthened, identification authentication technology has been increasingly concerned. Face recognition is...

Authors: Dong Cao, Jian Wei Ye, Jun Yi, Wen Jie Ruan, Chong Chen

Abstract: The human pulse-condition diagnosis is an important part of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) which is difficult to recognize...

Authors: Yan Ming Jiang, Gui Xiong Liu

Abstract: Flatness is one fundamental element of geometric forms, and the flatness evaluation is particularly important for ensuring the quality of...

Authors: Jin Hui Zhao, Mu Hua Liu, Cheng Hui Zhan, Jie Shen, Dong Cheng Tu

Abstract: A detection device was designed to detect the poultry meat edible quality. The detection device is the electromechanical integration...


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