Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Ming Zhao, Yun Feng

Abstract: In this paper, a new measurement method is presented, This method is to use a three-coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to test the symmetry...

Authors: Jian Kang Huang, Li Hui Lu, Xiao Liang Wu, Yu Shi, Ding Fan

Abstract: Thermal deformation of welding structure is inevitable in welding process. The deformation will not only change the appearance, shape and...

Authors: Zhuo Kui Wu, Gui Xiong Liu, Xiao Bin Hong

Abstract: According to the demands that calibration organizations need to calibrate various instruments and calibration requirements are complex, a...

Authors: Qing Dong Yan, Cheng Liu, Wei Wei

Abstract: The contact and non-contact measuring methods were adopted to measure the twisted blades of the turbine in a casting torque converter. The...

Authors: Xue Chao Shi, Zhen Zhong Sun, Sheng Lin Lu

Abstract: In this paper, a novel algorithm is proposed to detect linear edge. Image gradient is acquired by Sobel or Prewitt filters. Logical addition...

Authors: Ya Jing Li, Jie Xin Pu, Qing Hua Zhang

Abstract: In offset printing system, presensitized plate (PS plate) is one of the key factors that influences the quality of printing products. In...

Authors: Xiao Bin Pan, Xiao Jun Zhou, Zu Sheng You

Abstract: This paper analyses the method of denoising surface roughness profile signal using self-adaptive filtering technique.The working principle...

Authors: Qin Zhang, Yan Li, Yoshitsugu Kamiya

Abstract: The tractor-trailer mobile robot (TTMR) is composed of a tractor and multiple trailers. It belongs to a typical nonholonomic, underactuated...

Authors: Yi Ning, Jun Feng Zhao

Abstract: For highly complex embedded control systems, the use of traditional methods of design is very difficult to achieve satisfactory results. In...

Authors: Ping Wang, Jian Chen, Ji Xiang Lu

Abstract: The paper proposes a new BSS algorithm based on the second-order statistics. By jointly diagonalizing the time delay correlation matrix of...


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