Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shen Ru Liu, Hui Zhu Yang, Zhi Guo Chang, Qi Lin Zhang

Abstract: Steel portal frames have been widely designed and constructed in China since the end of the last century, and in recent years ERP management...

Authors: Yan Bing Ni, Xue Yong Zhong, Lei Guo, Fa Yang Luo

Abstract: Considering the need of designing a parallel mechanism which can achieve a whole week of rotation and two translations, in this paper, the...

Authors: Ying Ping Qian, Ju Hua Huang, Xi Zhi Zhou, Masanori Kunieda

Abstract: In this paper, the attempt was made to study dry WEDG (Wire Electrical Discharge Grinding), the differences between dry WEDG and wet WEDG,...

Authors: Xiao Jun Zhang, Ming Lu Zhang, Jian Hua Zhang, Ling Yu Sun

Abstract: For filling the application requirement of searching toxic gas leak source, a multi-sensory robot, which is used for searching toxic gas...

Authors: Ji Xiang Lu, Ping Wang, Long Yi

Abstract: The voice interaction in cockpit mainly includes speech recognition, enhancement and synthesis. This interaction transfers the speech...

Authors: Ce Zhang, Shi Min Zhang, Hong Lin Zhao, Xue Yi Xu, Dai Geng

Abstract: High pressure isolation plug train is a remote control, tetherless, highly piggable and high pressure isolation tool. The advantage of using...

Authors: Tian Qin Wang, Chang Liu, Zhen Pu Zhang, Da Cheng Wang

Abstract: This paper offers a robot calibration approach based on the virtual closed kinematic chain so that the absolute location accuracy of a robot...

Authors: Wen Jia Chen, Yan Zhong He, Jiang Zhang

Abstract: In the past decades, a number of parallel manipulators have been extensively studied. However, most efforts are dedicated to six degrees of...

Authors: Qing Zhong He, Wen Chun Zhao, Jia Wang, Yan Ling Zhang, Ming Chao Wang

Abstract: The new type of pipeline-cleaning robot discussed in this paper is developed to clean pipelines within the diameter range 200mm-250mm, which...

Authors: Xiang Bing Kong, Yue Cui, Yao Yao

Abstract: The new plane/space thermal cutting robot work station system for metal plate for a variety of two-dimensional (such as plane) and...


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