Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Jian Jing, Xiao Xia Zheng, Cai Mei Fan, Jun Qiang Feng, Yun Fang Wang, Guang Yue Ding

Abstract: This study aims to investigate the morphologies and the existing phases of calcium sulfate crystal by the reaction of H2SO4 with...

Authors: Yuan Long Liu, Jin Ming Long, Xiao Yun Zhu, Wen Jing Liu

Abstract: Silver electrochemical migration results in the degradation of surface insulation resistance, and has been attributed to the dendritic...

Authors: Zhi Yong Li, Jie Nian Yan, Guang Cheng Jiang, Shui Xiang Xie, Ying Jun Fu, Wei Wei Zang, Shuai Wei Yang

Abstract: There are continuous high concerns on formation protection technology in international petroleum engineering field. The reservoir drill-in...

Authors: Xu Dong Wang, Wen Bo Du, Zhao Hui Wang, Shu Bo Li

Abstract: In this paper microstructures and mechanical properties of the Mg-xGd-Er (x=5, 7, 9 and 11wt.%) alloys were characterized and discussed. The...

Authors: Hong Tao Zhang, Xiao Xiang Xue, Yan Zheng, Peng Feng

Abstract: This paper provides a new method to repair the steel pipe with fatigue cracks by using carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). Cracks may...

Authors: Shui Ping Yin, Min Yu

Abstract: The purpose of this work was to investigate the effects of pre-load static load and dynamic load on the visco-elastic in polycarbonate. In...

Authors: Fei Ding, Xiao Feng Wang

Abstract: A numerical model is developed to describe the kinetics of the microstructure evolution in an atomized droplet of Mg-9wt%Al alloy. The model...

Authors: Ting Zhang, Meng Qiang Wu, Ming He, Jie Xiong, Song Chen

Abstract: Some attempts for getting Grüneisen parameter are discussed. After comparing, the Grüneisen parameter got from Grüneisen EOS and Vinet EOS...

Authors: Ryoji Nakamura, Yusuke Shiotsu, Kosuke Komeda, Shinji Kumai, Hisaki Warari

Abstract: Porosity occurred in the 5182 aluminum alloy strip cast by a vertical type high speed twin roll caster. The porosity was caused by...

Authors: Gang Li, Yong Jun Chen, Dong Li Shui, Hai Peng Tang, Li Liu, Jun Ying Hou

Abstract: For Fe-Al powder compacts, using high-energy laser beam combustion synthesis preparation for Fe-Al alloy. The microstructure and properties...


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