Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kun Ning Jia

Abstract: The welding cold cracking tendencies of Ca microalloyed HSLA steel was evaluated using crack sensitivity index Pcm, oblique Y-groove...

Authors: Xian Zheng Bu, Ping Shan, Zhen Luo, Zhen Tai Zheng

Abstract: The effect of post weld heat treatment on microstructures, tensile and corrosion properties of Inconel601 weld seam was investigated. The...

Authors: Qing Hua Yuan, Shun Yao Jin, Zhong Guo Huang, Xue Ping Ren, He Song, Jian Wei

Abstract: To understand the effects and mechanism of heat treatment to the high-pressure vessel performance, a series of different closed-shaped...

Authors: Xiao Dong Liu, Dong Dong Meng, Xu Guang Zheng, Masato Hagihala, Qi Xin Guo

Abstract: The geometrically frustrated material-deuteroxyl cobalt chlorides Co2(OD)3Cl sample was first, to the best of our knowledge, successfully...

Authors: Xiao Ping Liang, Yang Jin, Yu Wang

Abstract: The principal purpose of this paper are to determine the viscosity of refining slag with the features of high crystallinity and strongly...

Authors: Xiao Dong Liu, Dong Dong Meng, Xu Guang Zheng, Masato Hagihala, Qi Xin Guo

Abstract: Basic copper chloride Cu2(OH)3Cl and Cu2(OD)3Cl polycrystalline sample were successfully synthesized in the same single phase of...

Authors: Yu Yan, Hai Bo Wang

Abstract: From more than one uniaxial tension test curve, it can be found that mechanics property of sheet metal is inhomogeneous. Based on this...

Authors: Xue Feng Zhou, Feng Fang, Jian Qing Jiang

Abstract: Continuous casting has been widely applied in the production of steels and other metals. However, it has been rarely used in producing high...

Authors: Ya He Huang, Cheng Jun Liu, Mao Fa Jiang

Abstract: The different dilatometric curves of continuous cooling transformation with the different cooling rates were determined by means of...

Authors: Shu Bo Li, Ya Ling Qin, Han Li, Wen Bo Du

Abstract: The Mg matrix composite (Mg2Si/Mg-5Zn-2.5Er) was prepared using repeated plastic working (RPW) technique. and the effects of the number of...


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