Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fei Fei Xing, De Cai Li, Wen Ming Yang

Abstract: Theoretical model of calculating magnetic field of typical ferrofluid sealing structures with magnetic vector potential method is built....

Authors: Jian Ting Zhao, Shao Peng Ma, Huan Rong Liu, Hai Qing Ren

Abstract: Bamboo is a typical natural graded material, from the inner layer to the middle layer, and then to the outer layer. The elastic modulus is...

Authors: Tao Hong, Gang Zhao, Ni Tian, Fu Xiao Yu, Liang Zuo

Abstract: Semi-continuously direct chill (DC in short) casting was carried out to modify the size and morphology of eutectic Si particles in eutectic...

Authors: Lian Guang Jia, Ya Gao, Li Zhe Hou

Abstract: Several I-shaped steel beams reinforced by CFRP are unloaded at different levels and the mechanical properties are analyzed and compared....

Authors: Qing Gang Liu, Xin Qi Yu, Shi Ming Shen

Abstract: In this article, factors that influence the reliability of non damage testing is studied, and a method was developed to calculate the...

Authors: Wu Hua Yuan, Qiang Fu, Heng Zhou

Abstract: The processes of controlled rolling and cooling were simulated using hot compression tests on a Gleeble 1500 simulator with boron...

Authors: Jian Chun Yang, Guo Quan Liu, Hong Bai Bai, Dong Wei Li

Abstract: For optimizing making techniques of metal rubber material, the new weaving technique based on wheel-rib mechanism is firstly put forward....

Authors: Gui Ying Qiao, Fu Ren Xiao, Xiao Bing Zhang, Shao Hui Chen, Bo Liao

Abstract: Strain-induced precipitation of complex carbonitrides and recrystallization for three high-Nb pipeline steels with different Nb and C...

Authors: Zhi Xun Wen, Nai Xian Hou, Zhu Feng Yue

Abstract: Based on the microstructure change and damage characteristics of single crystal, a two-state-variable crystallographic creep damage...

Authors: Zhong Wei Chen, Li Fan, Pei Chen

Abstract: The early age hardening behavior in Al-Cu-Mg alloys with fixed Cu content (0.50 wt%) and varying amounts of Mg has been studied by hardness...


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