Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Ping Zhan, Hui Shu Zhang, Zhou Hua Jiang, Wei Gong, Zhao Ping Chen, Hai Jun Shen

Abstract: The argon-hydrogen co-injection tests were carried out in a multifunction ladle furnace (LF) equipped with a hollow graphite electrode....

Authors: Zhou Hua Jiang, Jiang Hua Ma, Dong Ping Zhan, Ji Cheng He, Jin Yu

Abstract: In order to investigate the effects of Ti, Zr deoxidants on inclusions and microstructure of low carbon steel, the experiments by Ti and Zr...

Authors: Shuang Jiang Li, Zong Ze Huang, Zhou Hua Jiang, Yang Li, He Bing Chi, Zhao Ping Chen

Abstract: The effects of deoxidization and wire feeding operation on the type of titanium, magnesium and aluminum spinel compound inclusion were...

Authors: Jian Feng Di, Xiao Xia He, Hong Jin Qi

Abstract: In this paper, a new capillary model and weight-classification method are proposed and a device is designed and fabricated, which is helpful...

Authors: Jian Cheng Zhou, Ling Cheng, Dong Fang Wu

Abstract: Poly ether-carbonate diols were synthesized by ring-opening oligomerization of ethylene carbonate (EC) initiated/catalyzed by propylene...

Authors: Wen Qin Du, Xiao Liang liu, Hong Jin Qi

Abstract: To investigate the contribution of yarn pore size distribution to fabric pores structure, in this paper, based on the balance relationship...

Authors: Masahiro Ikeda, Masaru Aniya

Abstract: The diffusion coefficient in the metallic glass-forming systems such as Pd-Cu-Ni-P exhibits a marked deviation from the Stokes-Einstein (SE)...

Authors: Li Min Ao, Yuan Sheng Zheng

Abstract: Metal content of metallized fiber can be determined by density testing and calculating. The weight of plated metal’s percentage of...

Authors: Xiang Yang Xia, Jie Li

Abstract: Due to the energy balance control of aluminum reduction cell has not solved so far, it analyzes the impact factors on electrolyzer’s heat...

Authors: An Hui Cai, Wei Ke An, Xiao Song Li, Yun Luo, Tie Lin Li

Abstract: The influence of Zr on the property of Cu(50+x)Zr(40-x)Ti10 (0≤x≤30 at.%) alloys were investigated. The results show that the maximum size...


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