Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Miao Yu, Guo Xiong Wu

Abstract: There is a comparison among the six Methylene Blue testing methods from different areas and institutes which respectively belong to China,...

Authors: Jing Hu, Yan Wang, Da Yue Wang

Abstract: Thermal oxidation tends to improve surface performance of titanium and its alloys by thickening the native passive oxide layer. In the...

Authors: Xu Hui Sun, Ta Na Bao, Lin Sun, Jun Ma

Abstract: Comparative research was done on the performance of new highly visible-light responsive photocatalyst Bi20TiO32 with P-25. Surface...

Authors: Shun Qing Chen

Abstract: Basic on a lot of tests, the process of high temperature oxidation under tensile load had been experimentally researched on Cr5Mo alloy. The...

Authors: Jia Yao, Ying Cheng Hu, Wei Lu, Jin Li

Abstract: SEM observations of coir fiber microstructure have been carried out. Uneven surface characteristics are conducive to the bonding between...

Authors: Yu Wang, Xiang Zan, Yue Hui He, Yang Wang

Abstract: The effect of temperature and strain rate on the mechanical behavior and microstructure evolution of Near Gamma Ti-46.5Al-2Nb-2Cr (NG TiAl)...

Authors: Ying Zhang, Jin Hua Xu, Shui Sheng Xie, Mao Peng Geng, Hong Min Guo, Hai Bo Zhao

Abstract: Analysis on microstructure of semi-solid AZ31B magnesium alloy produced under different technological parameters were done, hot rolling...

Authors: Ying Zhang, Qiang Ma, Shui Sheng Xie, Mao Peng Geng, Jin Hua Xu, Hong Min Guo, Hai Bo Zhao

Abstract: The experiment of the rheocasting-rolling for semi-solid magnesium was carried out on the equipment made by ourselves in our laboratory....

Authors: Jun Hui Li, Cai Liu

Abstract: The problem that the pinch roll of the Slab Size Press was worn away partly appeared in some domestic steel mill so based on the DEFORM...

Authors: Ping Li, Ai Qin Nie, Ke Min Xue

Abstract: On the basis of MATLAB software,multi-fractal analysis program has been developed.Systematic fractal analysis of micrographs of TB8 alloy...


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