Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Yu, Gui Qiang Diao, Fei Ye, Ming Sun, Yue Liu, Qian Yu

Abstract: α-MnO2, β-MnO2 and Mn2O3 were synthesized from birnessite followed by acid treatment and subsequently calcined under different conditions....

Authors: Jiang Hua Ma, Dong Ping Zhan, Zhou Hua Jiang, Ji Cheng He, Jin Yu

Abstract: In order to understand the effects of deoxidizer such as titanium, zirconium and magnesium on the impact toughness of heat affected zone...

Authors: Wei Ke An, An Hui Cai, Xiang Xiong, Yong Liu, Yun Luo, Tie Lin Li, Xiao Song Li

Abstract: The thermal, mechanical, and corrosive properties for Cu50Zr40Ti10 (at. %) metallic glass were also investigated. The glass transition...

Authors: Supachai Surapunt

Abstract: The microstructure and fatigue crack growth behavior of friction stir welding of 6063-T5 aluminum alloys were investigated. For this...

Authors: Jing Hu, Da Yue Wang, Xiao Wei Teng, Yan Wang, Xin Yan Gao

Abstract: TA18 alloy was used as the base material to investigate the effect of thermal oxidation (TO) on titanium alloys. The samples were subjected...

Authors: Chun Sheng Wang, Lan Duan, Ming Wei, Li Xiang Liu

Abstract: This paper gives a brief introduction of the developmental history of high performance steel (HPS) all over the world. Emphasis of current...

Authors: Xiao Ling Peng, Xiao Yang, Hai Biao Wei, Rui Ping Yue, Hong Liang Ge

Abstract: When a magnetic field is applied to magnetic fluids (MF), various structures of MF are formed: chain-like structures in low fields,...

Authors: Mohd Zaki Nuawi, Abdul Rahim Bahari, Shahrum Abdullah

Abstract: The dynamic responses of the impact phenomena were studied experimentally using ultrasound transducer mounted at the specimen support to...

Authors: Jian Zhang, Wen Gai Lan, Jing Lin

Abstract: Composite T-beam in general use is composed of concrete and steel. Compared with mechanical analysis, little research has been carried on...

Authors: Xue Zhi Wang, Zong Chao Xu, Zhong Bi, Hao Wang

Abstract: The wedge splitting test specimens with three series of different relative crack length were used to study the influences of relative crack...


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