Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Wu Liu, Zhen Yun Wang, Ping Xu

Abstract: Superheated steam drying is an energy saving and effective drying technology, in which the waste heat is recycled with the loop system and...

Authors: Xiang Wei Chen, Zhi Kui Zhang, Zhao Hui Liu

Abstract: Detection and Recognition of the surface roughness in the images is a topic which has received a lot of attention in the field of image...

Authors: Xin Hua Ni, Xie Quan Liu, Bao Hong Han, Guo Hui Zhong, Lei Zhao

Abstract: The four-phase model is used to predict the strength of particles in composite ceramic with partial debonding interphase. Firstly the...

Authors: Li Wei, Yu Sun

Abstract: In this paper, the bubble’s stability is studied in the process of preparing foam aluminum by powder metallurgy. In this work, carborundum...

Authors: Yi Long Liang, Song Xiang, Ming Yang, Yu Liang, Xiao Di Yang

Abstract: The mechanical properties and microstructure of SWRS82B wire rods and drawn wire were studied. Wire rods were austenitized at 850°C~900°C...

Authors: Fan Jie Chu, Hua Wu Liu, Zhi Gang Chen, Qiu Xia Song

Abstract: Polypropylene thermoplastic panel reinforced by ramie-basalt fibers was made using thermal molding method. The influences of fiber mixing...

Authors: Song Xiang, Jiang Ping Wang, Yu Ling Sun, Yong You Yan, Shi Gang Huang

Abstract: 17-4PH precipitation-hardening martensite stainless steel is an important commercially available stainless steel. And the mechanical...

Authors: Hua Wu Liu, Warren G. Bryson, Zhen Yun Wang, Ping Xu

Abstract: A three-component analytical model for single fibre curvature is developed in terms of the axial contractions, elastic moduli and...

Authors: Ming Li, Feng Hui Wang, Ping Wei Chen, Kang Lou

Abstract: In the present paper, integrity assessment is made to the defects in weld metal zone of pressure piping of X52 steel using the two basic...

Authors: Xiao Li He, Chong Liu

Abstract: A method used to recognize the inner defects of 3-D braided composite materials is discussed. Firstly, the link between UT signals and the...


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