Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Jun Feng, Xu Dong Zha, Pei Wen Hao

Abstract: Marshall test design methods are used to design TLA modified asphalt mixture and base asphalt mixture respectively, and their pavement...

Authors: Xin Yan Yuan, Heng Gen Shen, Zhen Hua Wang, Wei Li Hou

Abstract: In order to reveal the influence of acidic gas SO2 and CaO etc alkali substances which are contained in industrial furnaces smoke to the...

Authors: Qing Yu Hou, Jing Tao Wang

Abstract: Deformation mechanism maps at 0-883 K and shear strain rate of 10-10-10+6 s-1 were built from available rate equations for deformation...

Authors: Kai Liao, Xin Xing Jing, Ya Zhou, De Qiang Wei

Abstract: The research of micromechanism of stress evolvement is presented by analyzing fluctuation and change of surface stress in aluminum alloy...

Authors: Kai Liu, Wei Hua Zhang, Fang Wang

Abstract: From microstructure and technical performance of different fibers, the variation and influence of the different fibers’ properties and...

Authors: Chun Hua Hu, Qiu Pu Liu, Feng Jiang, Shi Ning Ma, Yu Lin Qiao, Xiao Feng Sun

Abstract: FeS solid lubrication duplex layer was prepared on the surface of 45 steel by ion nitrocarburizing-ion sulphurizing process. The sulphide...

Authors: Bai Xiong Liu, Bao Jun Han

Abstract: High-resolution electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) in scanning electron microscope and transmission electron microscope (TEM) were used...

Authors: Moo Sheng Yang, Yue Liang Chen, Yu Quan Bi, Wen Hao Jiang

Abstract: Stress in the interface of contacts was calculated applying finite element software/ABAQUS, with which the Ruiz fretting damage parameter...

Authors: Shi Lian Xu, Qi Ying Pan, Gui Ping Hu, Ren Ping Xu

Abstract: the wearing of the rolling bearing is actually associated with both randomness and fuzziness. In this paper, we analyze the fuzziness of the...

Authors: Chao Yu, Jian Ye Guo, Yan Li Zhang, Jing Kui Li

Abstract: The temperature of thermohydrogen treatment for the testing workpieces respectively was 650°C,750°C,850°C. By turning testing workpieces of...


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