Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Xia Zhang, Chang Qing Hu, Hang Yu Wei, Yu Zhu Zhang

Abstract: The influence of Titanium slag with different compositions on desulfurizing was investigated, and the influence reasons based on the...

Authors: Feng Hui An, Yu Hui Sha, Fang Zhang, Ying Li, Liang Zuo

Abstract: Hot deformation was applied on Fe-3%Si by the Gleeble-1500 thermo-mechanical system, and the effect of solute depleted area around the...

Authors: Ying Hua Yu, Guo Jun Yu, Chun Hong Yang

Abstract: According to the structure of functional properties of aluminum foam, made machine noise enclosures with aluminum foam/steel composite...

Authors: Qiong Chen, Yuan Jun Lv

Abstract: For a product packaging system with honeycomb paperboard, its impact resistance caused by drop impact behavior had been concerned. However,...

Authors: Ying Ma, Jian Shu Ye, Wan Guang Ge, Jing Lin

Abstract: The research results of mechanical properties, hydrogen embrittlement and corrosion fatigue of new and corroded galvanized wires which were...

Authors: Xiao Wei Guo, Qi Ming Dong

Abstract: A low-cost microfabrication tool based on digital mirror device(DMD) is presented in this paper. The imaging principle of the system is...

Authors: Zhan Yong Wang, Ming Lin Jin, Hui Chun Qian, Yong Zheng Fang, Jia Yue Xu

Abstract: Sr1-xNdxFe12O19 ferrites were Synthesized via sol–gel and self-combustion methods with Fe(NO3)3·9H2O,Sr(NO3)2 and citric acid. The...

Authors: Ning Sun, Jin Wang, Fang Hua Lei

Abstract: Most measuring methods used now can only measure the rigid body’s six inertial parameters like the moment of inertia, the product of inertia...

Authors: Yu Hong Yao, Jian Feng Wei, Jiang Nan Liu, Zheng Pin Wang, Yao Hua Jin

Abstract: The microstructure and property of T91/10CrMo910 dissimilar steel welded joints after one and two years service have been studied by OM,...

Authors: Liang Ying, Ying Chang, Ping Hu, Guo Zhe Shen, Li Zhong Liu, Xiao Dong Li

Abstract: The influence of low tempering temperature (TT) on mechanical properties and fracture toughness of ultra high strength boron steel 22MnB5...


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