Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Philippe Viot, Ali Chirazi, Michel Dumon, Dominique Bernard, V. Fascio

Abstract: Syntactic foams are widely used in many impact-absorbing applications and can be employed as sandwich core. To improve their mechanical...

Authors: Li Jun Cao, Jing Song Wang, Wei Sun, Jing Hua Wang, Hao Yan Sun

Abstract: A new method, covering slag technology combining rotating cylinder method, has been proposed in this paper for measuring the viscosity of...

Authors: Qing Jun Zhu, Alin Cao, Zai Feng Wang, Ji Wen Song, Sheng Li Chen

Abstract: Stray current is one of the main reasons in pipeline failure. In pipeline design and maintenance, it is important to know the fundamentals...

Authors: Ming Lin Jin, Cun Fu Zhu, Zhan Yong Wang, Qi Zhong Chen, Ke Jia Liu

Abstract: The Sr0.75La0.25Fe11.75-xCo0.25ZnxO19 hexaferrites are prepared by the ceramic process. Influences of the substitution of Zn2+ ions on...

Authors: Lian Deng Wang, Ding Yi Zhu, Zhe Liang Wei, Yong Lu Chen, Li Guang Huang, Qiu Ju Li, You Sheng Wang

Abstract: The Al-20%Si alloy was prepared by mixing the high temperature melt of hypereutectic Al-30%Si alloy with the pre-crystallized low...

Authors: Zhi Gang Gai, Yuan Yuan Feng, Jin Feng Wang, Hong Wu

Abstract: Na0.5Bi4.5Ti4O15-based materials with A-site vacancy were synthesized using conventional solid state processing. The (Li,Ce) modification of...

Authors: Hong Wei Zhang, Yong Lan Li

Abstract: Lotus fiber is produced from lotus stalks with pool dipping,sodium hydroxide boil degum and hydrogen peroxide bleach methods. The spinning...

Authors: Hong Ping Jin, Wen Yu Yang, Lin Yan

Abstract: In this study, we have used the FE method to investigate the effect of in-plane residual stress and strain-hardening exponent on the...

Authors: Yong Zhi Li, Xiao Bo Bai, Yu Min Xie, Ke Min Xie

Abstract: Severe Plastic Deformation(SPD)methods are hot research techniques of preparation of bulk ultrafine-grained materials and strengthening the...

Authors: Guo Feng Zhan, En Gang Wang, Ji Cheng He

Abstract: The effect of electromagnetic stirring on the inner quality and solidification microstructure of the GH 3030 superalloy ingots was...


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