Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: You Li

Abstract: Due to the limitations of the existing strength theories or criteria, the phenomenon of material failure cannot be not fully explained,...

Authors: Zi Li Jin, Hui Ping Ren, De Gang Li, Bo Yan

Abstract: The mechanism responsible for the formation of recrystallization texture is still disputed although recrystallization texture has long been...

Authors: Hong Chang Qu, Xiao Zhou Xia, Zhi Qiang Xiong

Abstract: The crack tip region in an elastic composite can be separated into three different regions. based on a simple rate-independent...

Authors: Yu Sha, Shi Gang Bai, Jia Zhen Zhang

Abstract: Fatigue crack propagation tests in the Paris region were performed in order to get compressive loading effect on fatigue crack growth at...

Authors: Feng Shi, Yang Qi, Ming Zhou Xu, Chun Ming Liu

Abstract: The behaviors of precipitation and recrystallization aging at 900 after cold work in a Fe-18Cr-12Mn-0.48N high-nitrogen austenitic stainless...

Authors: Zhan Yong Wang, Jia Yue Xu, Hui Fen Chen, Yong Zheng Fang, Xiao Rong Liu

Abstract: As a professional with strong theoretical and practical in a new college, the guidance major-materials science and engineering involves...

Authors: Zhong Chang Wang

Abstract: The characteristics of different types of the weighted functions are discussed, and the dependency of the influence domain on the intrinsic...

Authors: Sheng Hai Wang, Jian Min Wang, Wei Wang

Abstract: The structure evolutions of Al83Ni10Ce5Si2, Al83Ni10Ce7, Al85Ni10Ce5, Al87Ni7Nd6 and Al87Ni5Co2Nd6 metallic glasses have been studied in...

Authors: Yan Bo Wu, Si Si Zeng, Peng Sun

Abstract: In this paper, we made two different chemical conversion coatings on aluminum alloy by TiOSO4 and Na2WO4. The morphology of the chemical...

Authors: Teng Fei Li, Yan Zhang, Xiu Ying Wei, Peng Yuan, Chang Hui Mao

Abstract: The getters composed with Titanium and Zr-V-Fe were prepared by conventional powder metallurgical technology. The sorption properties and...


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