Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Xia Li, Li Liu, Jian Ming Zhang, Ya Nan Liu, Gu Huang

Abstract: For developing the environmentally protective civil textile composites with better impact behaviors, the impact test was made with...

Authors: Hai Yan Xing, Da Bo Wu, Min Qiang Xu

Abstract: In order to investigate material behavior at the stage of early fatigue damage and critical fatigue fracture, a new nondestructive testing...

Authors: Fei Zhong, Wei Zhang, Biao Qiang Jiao, Yue Xian Zhong

Abstract: In this paper, ultrasonic materials testing researches are reviewed. The latest progress of ultrasonic testing technology is introduced,...

Authors: Yi Hua Han, Qing Guo Xue, Yan Zhen Li

Abstract: Based on the global environmental deterioration, the greenhouse effect and a series of other problems, the necessity for the development on...

Authors: Long Fei Liu, Jing Hu, Hui Qiang Li, Guang Ye Zhang

Abstract: A special fixture, which can control the ratio(λ) of normal stress/shear stress, was used to study the effect of normal stress on the shear...

Authors: Irene Ling Li, Ling Fu, Hao Li, Jian Pang Zhai, Shuang Chen Ruan

Abstract: A simple method for measuring the refraction indices of small hexagonal crystals is studied. The method is based on Brewster angle law. The...

Authors: Bai Yang Lou, Yao Tang, Ke Zai Miao, Bin Xu

Abstract: Magnesium Alloys are of low density, high specific strength and high strength, leading to much application prospect in industry and civilian...

Authors: Nobuo Yoshikawa, Daiki Fuji, Kohichi Sugimoto

Abstract: Fatigue properties of TRIP-aided annealed martensitic steels with chemical composition of 0.2%C, 1.5%Si, 1.5%Mn, 0-1.0%Cr, 0-0.2%Mo,...

Authors: Wen Lei, Xiao Ming Jin

Abstract: Ramie fiber and polypropylene were used as raw materials,ramie fiber/polypropylene composites were prepared by compression molding...

Authors: Gang Qiang Jin, Shu Huan Wang, Yu Feng Guo, Xin Sheng Liu

Abstract: The experimental results on high nitrogen steels refining with high-pressure and bottom-blowing nitrogen were analyzed by the theories of...


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