Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Ying Liu, Xiao Qing Tian, Xu Dong Zhao, Zeng Jian Feng

Abstract: New salt core technique for using in the high duty internal combustion engine piston under high pressure cast was developed.With special...

Authors: Ping Jun Tao, Yuan Zheng Yang, Xiao Jun Bai, Zhong Xin Mu, Guo Qing Li

Abstract: A Zr55Cu30Ni5Al10 bulk amorphous alloy was prepared by using copper mold suction casting and the X-ray diffractometer (XRD) was utilized to...

Authors: Jian Sun, De Hong Zhao, Hong Sun, Yu Hou Wu, Peng Zhou, Ke Zhang, Kai Jun Zhao

Abstract: Rock tunnel boring machine is one of the main machineries and equipments for underground engineering ,and the failure of tool systems is the...

Authors: Liang Bo Ji, Yong Zhi Li

Abstract: This paper described the application of neural networks in predicting the rate of producing magnesium by silicon-thermo-reduction. Fir st of...

Authors: Jun Ping Song

Abstract: A kind of graphitized carbon black 40B2 was incorporated in natural rubber matrix and vulcanizates were prepared. The content of carbon...

Authors: Jian Lin Luo, Zhong Dong Duan, Tie Jun Zhao, Qiu Yi Li

Abstract: Cementitious composites reinforced with multi-wall carbon nanotube (MWNT) (MWFRC) were prepared with surfactant dispersion, ultrasonication,...

Authors: Su Qiu Jia, Guo Jun Liu, Qi Shuang Chen

Abstract: Mg-7.3Al magnesium alloys were investigated in the paper. The paper presents microstructural characterization of Mg-7.3Al alloy after...

Authors: Hong Lei Jian, Li Wei Zhu, Wei Ming Zhang, Xiang Qi, Jian Xin Jiang

Abstract: The galactomannan from endosperm of G. sinensis seeds was used as sustained release material in the matrix tablets prepared at different...

Authors: Hong Zhong, Liang Ying Wen, Zheng Peng, Xiao Lin Zhang

Abstract: The shell distribution in the slab continuous casting mold has been simulated coupling a 3-D flow, temperature and volume fraction equations...

Authors: Yu Hua Zhu

Abstract: The influence of grain size on the lattice constant in some nanocrystallites was studied by in experiment. It is found that the lattice...


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