Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Niu Can Liu, Jun Qing Li, Zhong Xia Liu

Abstract: Adopting quartz plate filter of 20 mesh to filter the ZL102 alloy compounded by Al-30Si coarse alloy produced by electric warming, the Fe...

Authors: Xin E Li

Abstract: Basalt filament yarn is a new type of high-performance fibers, which is formed by the direct drawing of basalt rock at high temperatures. It...

Authors: Zhou Hua Jiang, Xin Geng

Abstract: A special bifilar 40t electroslag remelting(ESR) furnace for slab products has been fabricated to produce heavy plates for special...

Authors: Tian Han Xu, Yao Rong Feng, Sheng Yin Song, Zhi Hao Jin

Abstract: An investigation into the mechanical properties of K55,N80 and P110 steels was carried out for casing-drilling technology. The obvious...

Authors: Zheng You Tang, Hua Ding

Abstract: The effect of the partial substitution of Si by Al on the microstructures and the mechanical properties of cold rolled C-Mn-Si TRIP steel...

Authors: Bin Yang, Bai Xiong Liu, Bao Jun Han, Li Na Zhang, Ying Hui Zhang

Abstract: The microstructure evolution of hot deformed Cu-Zn-Se-Bi-Sn alloy was investigated by Hitachi-800 transmission electron microscopy (TEM)....

Authors: Jia Yang, Li Jun Qiu

Abstract: This paper describes the extended-range device applications in the oil wells pumping relevant content to discuss the extended-range devices...

Authors: Jiu Ba Wen, Jun Guang He, Xian Wen Lu

Abstract: The effects of Si content on the electrochemical performance of Al-5Zn-0.03In-1Mg- 0.05Ti (wt.%) alloy were studied by the electrochemical...

Authors: Wen Jia Wang, Bo Liu, Jian Bing Sang, Chen Hua Lu

Abstract: A large deformation analysis has been given by using a modified Gao’s second constitutive relation. In certain circumstances, the new...

Authors: Yi Zhang, Bao Hong Tian, Ping Liu, Shu Guo Jia, Li Fan, Yong Liu

Abstract: The flow stress behavior of Cu-2.0Ni-0.5Si alloy during hot compression deformation was studied by isothermal compression test at...


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