Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Song Jiang Feng, Hao Bo He, Xue Liu, Bo He, Wan Sheng Nie

Abstract: Due to their high-performance and improved safety, gel propellants can be used in various boost motors and large launchers. The evaporation...

Authors: Ching Ming Cheng, Wen Fang Wu, Yao Hsu

Abstract: The Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) are generally applied to risk management of New Product Development (NPD) through...

Authors: De Ji Hu, Qing Guo Meng, Wei Zhao

Abstract: In view of the spiral bevel gear machined by the semi-generating means, a new method to create 3D solid model is proposed. The equation of...

Authors: Xiang Yu Zou, Hong Wei Xie, Yu Chun Zhai, Xiao Chuan Lang

Abstract: Direct electro-deoxidation of zirconium oxychloride powder without sintering in molten CaCl2 and NaCl mixture salt was studied. Molten CaCl2...

Authors: Zheng Cun Zhou, J. Du, H. Yang

Abstract: Anelastic behavior of nanocrystalline Fe-17 wt.%Cr alloy obtained by mechanical alloying was investigated using a multifunctional internal...

Authors: Li Min Chang, Peng Wang, Wei Liu

Abstract: In this paper, Mg-Li alloy anodic oxide films were prepared with different amino acid as additive. The microstructure and phase composition...

Authors: Hui Fang

Abstract: This paper presents a new method for the damage localization and severity estimate for lattice material based on substructure modal energy....

Authors: Jia Wei Liu, Dian Hua Zhang, Peng Fei Wang

Abstract: In flatness measurement system, the flatness measuring signal can be affected by the flatness roll deflection. The flatness roll stress was...

Authors: Qing Miao Guo, De Fu Li, Sheng Li Guo

Abstract: Microstructure evolution during dynamic recrystallization (DRX) of hot deformed GH625 superalloy was investigated by optical microscope (OP)...

Authors: Ji You Gu, Lan Zhang, Xian Kai Jiang

Abstract: The investigations including the acid treatment to multi-walled carbon nano-tubes (MWNTs) and the synthesis of MWNTs/polyurethane composites...


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