Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Huan Ling Wang, Miao He

Abstract: Fly ash has become increasingly wide range of applications in expressway as a new environment friendlymaterial, its range of applications...

Authors: Yan Yan Cao, Shao Peng Ma, Xian Wang, Zhao Yong Hong

Abstract: Considering with the spatial characteristics of concentrated deformation field caused by the micro-cracks concentration and localization in...

Authors: Jie Xiu Wang, Feng Zhao

Abstract: Two tricarbonyl rhenium complexes with the formula of [Re(CO)3(L)Cl], where L=1,10-phenanthroline (Phen-Re) and...

Authors: Wei Jiu Huang, Miao Yao, Xiao Bin Zhang, Lin Lin Huang

Abstract: The tribological properties of AZ71E and AZ91D magnesium alloys were comparatively investigated at ambient and elevated temperature. The...

Authors: Wei Min Gan, Heinz Guenter Brokmeier, Ming Yi Zheng, Kun Wu

Abstract: Texture evolution in the MDF processed ZK60 along forging axis was investigated by advanced neutron diffraction. Texture analysis was...

Authors: Hong Wei Wang, Er Wei Su, Feng Wang

Abstract: Drawbead is an important factor to automobile sump forming process, proper drawbead setting can improve the forming quality significantly,...

Authors: Jing Cao, Yong Feng Wang, Chun Xue Wei

Abstract: AlTiC master alloys have been prepared by Contact Reaction Method(CRM).X-ray diffraction,SEM and EDS were used to analyses the AlTiC master...

Authors: Heinz Guenter Brokmeier

Abstract: Worldwide materials science diffractometers at large scale facilities were built recently to improve experimental options for the...

Authors: Fu Pei Wu, Sheng Ping Li

Abstract: Pseudo solder is one kind of familiar solder joint defect, and it is very difficult to be detected in surface mounted technology. Reduce the...

Authors: Kyung Man Moon, Yun Hae Kim, Myung Hoon Lee

Abstract: Two kinds of welding methods were performed on 22APU stainless steel: laser welding and TIG welding. In this case, the differences of the...


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