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Authors: Yong Mei Yu, Yun Bo Xu, Chang Sheng Li, Guo Dong Wang
Abstract:The microstructure and textures of oriented silicon steel produced by Thin Slab Casting and Rolling (TSCR) were studied in laboratory. The...
Authors: Jin Hong Ma, Wei Chen, Wen Zhi Zhang, Biao Wu
Authors: Xia Gao, Qin Yong Mi, Wei Zhang, Zhao Hui Wang, Tong Na Mu, Jun Zhang, Rui Gang Liu, Jia Song He, Qing Jun Liu, Jing Hua Zhang
Abstract:Bisphenol A poly(carbonate) (PC) pellets used for production of 5 gallon drink water bottles were reprocessed in a twin-screw extruder for...
Authors: Yong Cheng Lin, Xiao Min Chen, Yu Chi Xia
Abstract:The compressive deformation experiments of 2124-T851 aluminum alloy were carried out over a wide range of temperature and strain rate. An...
Authors: Wen Juan Yao, Bao Lin Hu, Ting Chen Fang
Abstract:Materials with different modulus in tension and compression have a wide application in engineering practice, especially the composite...
Authors: Min Qu, Lin Liu, Ming Zhao, Feng Bin Liu, Guang Ping He
Abstract:The microstructure evolution of Al-Cu alloys with different compositions is investigated in directional solidification. Two distinctly...
Authors: Hui Yu, Hua Shun Yu, Zhen Ya Zhang, Guang Hui Min, Cheng Chen
Abstract:In this study, AZ91 and SiC particulates reinforced AZ91 (SiCp/AZ91) magnesium alloys were successfully fabricated using rapid...
Authors: Xue Liang Zhao
Abstract:Discrete element method (DEM) is a powerful tool for the study of granular materials. Some issues in numerical modeling of DEM including...
Authors: Wei Mao, Hao Yu, Wei Hua Sun
Abstract:The evolution of microstructure and texture due to recrystallization was investigated in cold rolled interstitial free (IF) steel. Samples...
Authors: H. Chang, Ming Der Jean, D. Gan, P.W. Kao
Abstract:The effect of composition on the Curie temperature of κ phase Fe3AlCx was investigated by thermomagnetometry analysis (TMA). Results reveal...
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