Advances in Superalloys

Volumes 146-147

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chen Hua Lu, Su Fang Xing, Wen Jia Wang, Jian Bing Sang, Bo Liu

Abstract: Based on the parabolic yield criterion reflected by pressure sensitive and the SD effect, the material constitutive equation is given by...

Authors: Ping Jun Tao, Yuan Zheng Yang, Xiao Jun Bai, Jian Guo Wen, Qiang Ru

Abstract: A Cu55Zr40Al5 bulk metallic glass (BMG) was prepared by using copper-mold suction-casting and the structure and thermal stabilities of the...

Authors: Xi Hong Li, Juan Yun, Ya Ge Xing, Yao Xiao, Yao Tang

Abstract: The high instability is one of the most important problems for cinnamon oil. The complexation of cinnamon oil by β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) and...

Authors: Qing Yu Hou, Jing Tao Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a new phenomenological and empirically based constitutive model was proposed to change the temperature term in the original...

Authors: Yu Hua Zhu

Abstract: The influence of grain size on the lattice constant in some nanocrystallites was studied by computing the interactive cohesive energy of the...

Authors: Shu Qing Xing, Zheng Zong Chen, Yong Lin Ma

Abstract: The aim of the determination is to study formation of precipitations by rapid tempering using thermal simulation tester and effects of...

Authors: Nuchjira Dejang, Anucha Watcharapasorn, Sittichai Wirojupatump, Simo Pekka Hannula, Sukanda Jiansirisomboon

Abstract: The incorporation of nano-size TiO2 particles can significantly enhance the microstructure and mechanic properties of Al2O3 coating. Phase...

Authors: Chow Shing Shin, Shi Wei Lin

Abstract: There are situations where baseline fatigue crack propagation (FCP) data are needed but the available material for its evaluation is far...

Authors: Li Jun Qiu, Jia Yang, Ying Liu

Abstract: This paper presents a downhole increase in the pumping process used in the rack device processing technology and processing methods....

Authors: Qian Liu, Chao Fang Dong, Kui Xiao, Xiao Gang Li

Abstract: The electrochemical behavior of copper in various concentrations of NaHSO3 solution was investigated with linear polarization and cyclic...


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