Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Volumes 148-149

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gui Fen Li

Abstract: Wood was treated by double-diffusion method to form the precipitates of metaborates in wood. Their leachability in running water was...

Authors: Jun Jie Yang, Zhi Jiang Zuo, Wu Xin Yu

Abstract: Experiments for a new type of electric discharge machining (EDM) were conducted with the water film dielectric formed by tap water and...

Authors: Bao Chen Ren, Ya Hui Wang, Wen Bin Wu

Abstract: Ionitrriding and plasma arc surface quenching are seprately used to harden screw surface for settling the wearing problem of bulking machine...

Authors: Yun Feng Li

Abstract: Loads calculation process for pitch bearing of wind turbine was presented. The aerodynamic of the rotor was analyzed by using momentum...

Authors: He Ye Xiao, Mei Ping Sheng, Ye Lei

Abstract: A new type dynamic vibration absorber, which consists of steel layer and variable cross section rubber layer fitted to plate by bolt through...

Authors: Qi Hong, Li Zhi Gu, Xiao Jun Jie, Hao Wu, Peng Lei

Abstract: This paper took the application of nanotechnology for green manufacturing as a point of departure, discussed the important roles of...

Authors: Wen Li Yao, Qian Li, Mou Cheng Li, Jie Yu Zhang, Kuo Chih Chou

Abstract: The relationship between the morphology and protective action of hot-dip aluminizing coatings on Q235 steel have been investigated by SEM,...

Authors: Jie Guan

Abstract: In this paper, the parameters which influence the pyrolysis of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) are studied with Taguchi experimental method....

Authors: Bin Liu, Pei Kang Bai, Yu Xin Li

Abstract: A multi-component polymer-coated molybdenum powder was chosen for selective laser sintering (SLS). A novel preparing method of...

Authors: Fei Fei Gao, Ji Chen Fang, Qiang Zhang, Qin Zhang, Zhan Gen Wang, Meng Zhu Shi

Abstract: This paper establishes a combination forecasting model based on Radia Basis Function Neural Network (RBFNN). It puts forward a seeking...


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