Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Volumes 148-149

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun He Chang, Jia Quan Zhang

Abstract: A mathematical model for thermal transfer and solidification of beam blank casting has been established, which is solved by FEM. A dynamic...

Authors: Xiao Ming Jia, Jin Rong Chai

Abstract: A new kind of high temperature solid lubricant coating was synthesized by adopting new technique and using graphite, MoS2, Sb2O3 and Al2O3....

Authors: Hong Bo Dong, Gao Chao Wang

Abstract: In order to investigate effect of equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) on microstructure and mechanical properties of annealed and...

Authors: Ling Qin Meng, Zhi Wei Wang, Yan Qin Li, Guang Ming Lv, Fei Zuo, De Hai Zhang

Abstract: Since it is often appeared that connected-mold bearing FC208 rupture of roller foam machine in the production progress of a domestic...

Authors: Yan Jin Guan, Hong Mei Zhang, Sheng Sun, Guo Qun Zhao

Abstract: Laser bending process of tubes is a new flexible forming process without rigid tools and external forces. The tube is formed by internal...

Authors: Feng Lan He, Ming Dong, Zhi Gang Wu

Abstract: This paper presents a continuous modeling approach for multi-product re-entrant manufacturing systems. First, a generic continuous model for...

Authors: Xiao Nan Wang, Lin Xiu Du, Hong Shuang Di

Abstract: The purpose of this paper was the optimization design of heavy strength carriage for 50t heavy-duty truck. Two optimization schemes B and C...

Authors: Xing Wu Qiu

Abstract: Laser transformation hardening was carried out by HL-1500 CO2 laser on 40Cr steel. The macroscopic and properties were analysised by...

Authors: Kang Lin, Hui Wang, Jin Guo Li

Abstract: Nowadays a general platform has played an important role in the product design process. As the traditional similarity measure used in module...

Authors: Si Tu Yu, Deng Wan Li, Hong Xie, Jin Chun Feng, Ming Heng Xu

Abstract: In order to explore the cutting rules of the 43-inch vane material --1Cr12Ni3Mo2VNbN on the turbine vane, and research the stress in cutting...


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