Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Volumes 148-149

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kang Chen, Tao Zhou, Cheng Yun Peng, Yuan Fang Chen

Abstract: Semi-ball bottom cylindrical deep drawing is different from the traditional deep drawing, since it is not only characteristics of...

Authors: Suo Xia Hou, Xiao Ming Jia, Chao Wu

Abstract: The main factors that affect properties of solid lubricant coating on high-speed steel surface are the surface roughness and the weight of...

Authors: Bao Long Yuan, Zi Dong Wang, Xiang Ming Li, Chun Jing Wu

Abstract: Thin walled copper tube is prepared in vacuum melting and argon protecting continuous unidirectional solidification equipment by a short...

Authors: Ju Hua Luo

Abstract: Ni ferrites doped with lanthanum with a nominal composition of NiFe2-xLaxO4(x=0.05) were obtained by mechanochemical treatments using...

Authors: Wei Yan Liu, Xiu Yan Li, He Feng Wang, Rui Feng, Bin Tang

Abstract: Titanium surface alloyed layer was fabricated on 316L stainless steel substrate at 1000°C by means of the plasma surface alloying technique....

Authors: Yan Long Kang, Jian Wei Jiang, Shu You Wang, Jian Bing Men

Abstract: This paper investigates the penetration performance of shaped charge against multi-layer target. A titanium alloy liner of shaped charge is...

Authors: Ming Shan Yang, Jian Wei Liu, Jin Yu, Xu Zhang, Jing Wei, Lin Kai Li

Abstract: Polydichlorophosphazene was synthesized from hexachlorocyclotriphosphazene by high-temperature ring-opening polymerization, and...

Authors: Xiao Cong He

Abstract: Adhesive bonding is a high-speed fastening method which is suitable for joining advanced lightweight sheet materials that are hard to weld....

Authors: Li Qiang Qi, Yong Tao Yuan

Abstract: The rigid seals currently being used for the ash unloading device with the impeller under the hopper of the electrostatic precipitator are...

Authors: Hao Ma, Wei Wei Wang, Jing Bo Yu

Abstract: Two difficulties exist in the finite element analysis of multi-point forming: the complicated modeling process and the difficulty to control...


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