Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Volumes 148-149

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Huai Zhi Wang, Zhi Ping Wang, Yang Lu, Ya Fei Li, Guo Qing Tian

Abstract: Cu-14Al-X alloys was made into powder and then the powder was coated onto the surface of AISI 1045 steel respectively via plasma spraying...

Authors: Zhi Jian Wang, Shi Yun Dong, Bin Shi Xu, Wei Xia

Abstract: In this paper, a new analytical method of laser clad geometric simulation was developed. The effects of laser process parameters such as...

Authors: Xiao Qiu Zheng, Shi Kun Xie, Rong Xi Yi

Abstract: In order to research the adhesion of sputtering protective coating of Gd.Gd substrates were differently coated with Cu and Al by means of DC...

Authors: Shang Lei Yang, Qing Lin Lin

Abstract: The Al-4.5Zn-1.5Mg-0.5Mn aluminum alloy was welded by MIG welding in test, and the microstructure and mechanical property of joint were...

Authors: Guo Tai Zheng, Zhao Hui Liu, Da Guo Jiang

Abstract: The effects of AC frequency, magnetic field strength, ribbon length and test temperature on the Fe72Co8Si15B5 amorphous ribbon’s magnetic...

Authors: Chun Xie, Wei Min Zhang

Abstract: A 5-axis turning-milling complex center (TMC) is regarded as the combination of a turning center (TC) and a machining center (MC). However,...

Authors: Yu Zheng, Song Da Li, Xiao Ming Wang, Wen Bin Li, Wei Bing Li

Abstract: In order to find a proper resolution scheme for the formation process of tandem Explosively Formed Projectile (EFP) from shaped charge with...

Authors: Chun Huan Chen, Rui Ming Ren

Abstract: Commercially pure Titanium (CP-Ti) TIG weld joint was treated by means of high energy shot peening (HESP) using a shot peening equipment...

Authors: Jun Tao Zou, Yan Feng Liu, Xian Hui Wang, Shu Hua Liang

Abstract: The effect of melt-casting temperature on the microstructure and properties of transition interlayer for CuNiMnFe/30CrMnSi material was...

Authors: Li Ping Zhang, Lei Ke, Miao Miao Xie, Yuan Jie Guo, Qian Yu Hu, Xu Wen He

Abstract: Prepared a electrode with high concentration and strong active oxidizing property which used titanium as anode’s substrate material, used...


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