Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Volumes 148-149

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Chang, Bin Wu Yang, Bi Gui Wei

Abstract: The methods and devices which can be used to determine the wettability and zeta potential of filter medium were developed according to the...

Authors: Da Long Li, En Lin Yu

Abstract: Based on the classical free-electron theory, the mechanism of electroplastic effect is studied at a microscopic level. A method is presented...

Authors: Xi Ning Li, Cheng Yu Jiang, Jian Ping Wang, Zhong Qi Wang

Abstract: The form of blank holder and the manner of blank holder force (BHF) on the complicated parts forming are very important. The blank holder of...

Authors: Feng Wu

Abstract: In the paper, concrete on meso-level is taken as three phases composites consisting of aggregate、matrix and bond between matrix and...

Authors: Jin Chen, Zhi-Jian Su, Keiji Nakajima, Ji Cheng He

Abstract: In the fragmentation theory of T. Campanella et al, the local remelting of dendrite arms is induced by the solute-rich fluid flow. Based on...

Authors: Ying Hui Liang, Xi Zhang, Pan Zheng

Abstract: Emergency evacuation of large passenger station passenger terminal operations management is an important part of management. In this paper,...

Authors: Zhi Dong Duan, Jun Feng Gao, Tie Ming Su

Abstract: In order to abate fatigue fracture at roots of the first or the second hackle thread of bolt used for hydraulic press ,law of stress and...

Authors: Hai Liang Yu, Jin Wu Kang, Shi Xiong Huang, Tian You Huang

Abstract: Deformation often appears in castings during casting and heat treatment processes, which determines the machining allowance setting and the...

Authors: Fang Chen, Hao Qin, Chao Gao

Abstract: At present there have rarely studies on internal force and deformation for rock-socketed piles of deep excavation. The current approaches...

Authors: Dun Qiang Tan, Qiang Chen, Fang Xin Yu, Wen Xian Li

Abstract: By detecting microstructures and properties of Cu-W composites, effects of powder composition, sintering temperature and compacting pressure...


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