Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Volumes 148-149

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yang Hua Cao, Shu Xie

Abstract: The low qualified rate of coloring inspection about the bevel gear had puzzled the producer for a long time. This paper tried to solve this...

Authors: Lian Sheng Chen, Tao Wang, Jin Ying Song, Yi Liu, Zhen Yu Liu, Xiang Hua Liu

Abstract: In order to get rid of thermal interferences, the experiment was conducted to test the temperature drops of 40Cr by embedding thermocouple...

Authors: Guo Cheng Ren, Guo Qun Zhao, Shu Bo Xu

Abstract: This article investigated deformation behavior and microstructure of AZ31 magnesium alloy in equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) process...

Authors: Chun Huy Wang

Abstract: Extending the investigations on (Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3-based solid solution for lead-free piezoelectric ceramics, this paper consider the complex...

Authors: Jin Ming Long, Zhong Cheng Guo, Xiao Yun Zhu

Abstract: The anodic electrodeposition of polyaniline (PANI) on Pb substrate was performed by both potentiostatic and galvanostatic method. Influences...

Authors: Zhong Tang Wang, Guang Xia Qi, Shi Hong Zhang, Rong Hui Chang

Abstract: Magnesium alloy tailor-welded blanks(MTWBs) of AZ31 and AZ80 sheet had been manufactured by gas tungsten arc welded(GTAW), which the...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Jin, Shun Xi Wang

Abstract: Corn cobs are potential feedstock for producing heat, power, fuels, and chemicals. Densification of corn cobs into briquettes/pellets would...

Authors: Hai Na Lu, Xiu Hua Gao, Zheng Yi Jiang, Dong Bin Wei, Xiang Hua Liu

Abstract: This paper investigates the effects of normal hot rolling and high rate cooling (NHR+HRC) on microstructure and mechanical properties of the...

Authors: Jin Ping Li, Jin Hua Gan, Ying Ming Chen

Abstract: This paper presents a new way of recycling aluminum and iron in boiler slag derived from coal combustion plants for the production of a...

Authors: Xiao Dong Yu, Hui Jiang, Xiu Li Meng, Hong Jun Xiang, Hai Peng Yu, Jun Feng Wang, Xiao Zhong Lou, Xian Zhu Sun, Chang Qing Yang

Abstract: In order to solve lubricating problem of circular tilting pad thrust bearing in the heavy equipment, lubricating characteristics...


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